Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grandma for a Day

I met my sister Suzanne and her family at Disneyland yesterday. Since I live in Southern Califoria and she does not, I wanted her and her husband Chris to experience the many rides that I think are the very best. We met in California Adventures first. Since they were in Bug's Life area, I suggested that they go on the Tower of Terror. It is a great ride, right out of the Twilight Zone. My sister, her husband, and her oldest two children headed to the Tower of Terror, while I took her three youngest over to the merry-go-round, which has fishies instead of horses. I figured that they would be waited for or on their ride still, so I went with my neices and nephew to the Toy Story ride. They don't see me all that often, so the Kindergartner was not all too happy that I was leading him to another ride. I reasoned with him that he'd really like it, but that we could go back to the stroller if he wanted. He decided he'd move ahead in line and listen to Mr. Potato Head, and so we continued on. Even though it took a while for him to stop pouting, he eventually did. The wait was over half-an-hour, so the big sister also became impatient and refused to stand. She sat and pouted on the floor, just scooting herself along when the line moved forward. I asked her to stand, but didn't force her. I did tell her that her pants would turn black, but I don't think she believed me. All this, while I was keeping track of the 1 1/2 year old. When I told the two olde3st that they would ride together and I would ride with the baby, the Kindergartner insisted that he wanted to ride along. I said that he'd have to ride with his sister or with me, so he chose to ride with his siter (which really needed to happen because the cars only fit two and I couldn't leave the baby with one of them). Before the ride began we picked up our 3-D glasses. The baby really wanted to put a pair on me. She'd tired of playing with my glasses and my hat, so now the funny yellow glasses looked like for to dress me with. Then we finally reached the ride and all were securely fastened in. I know I had fun on the ride. The little one did, too. And every time my nephew and niece's car turned towards mine, I knew that they were having fun as well. It is a great ride, where you get to shoot at targets and score many points. It would have been fun to ride with the older ones to see how they did and to see their excitement. After that we returned to the merry-go-round for one more ride. Then the other group met up with us. The Kindergartner wanted to go back to Toy Story, but the line was awfully long still. So the older group went to California Screaming, and I took the younger ones to Mickey's ferris wheel. They really enjoyed it when the cage rocked back and forth when the ferris wheel paused. It was fun to see their happy, excited faces. The littlest one absolutely loved it and wasn't scared at all. After we met everyone again, they all played a game of fish and won a little yellow duckie. Then my two children and my sister's oldest two went off for their own adventures. The rest of us went back to Bug's Life and a ride over there. We all had snacks. Then Chris took two of his little one's back to experience the Tower of Terror, and Sue, the baby, and I went into the Disney Animation Studio. That was fun to show Sue around that and it gave Christa a chance to relax and go to sleep. (Around the same time, my children and their two cousins headed to the Disneyland park.) Since Soaring Over California is one of my all-time favorite rides, I was insistent that Chris and Sue go on it. So they went with their two youngest grade school students, and I sat out with the baby who is too small for the ride and who was napping as well. (Grandmas for a Day need a break, too.) In Disneyland, things went much the same. We were together for Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion. Some of the group wanted to go to Splash Mountain, but Christine and Daniel didn't want to go again because they were still wet from their previous ride there. So we kept the baby with us. Christine, Christa, and I went on the Winnie-the-Pooh ride. Daniel refused. He said he'd been on it one of the previous days with his family, and that was enough for him. After that we took the little one to see Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, too. I videotaped that. (I also videotaped the two other little ones earlier.) Daniel whisked his little sister away after that and we found the rest of our group. Then we had dinner and a show at the Golden Horseshoe. John was told that he is only a wanna-be-Texan. Whatever, Mr. from Santa Monica. The music and program was fun, and the food was good. STILL WRITING. It is so hard to recount everything. WORK

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