Saturday, April 24, 2010

National Day of Prayer

After a Facebook conversation with Patty Sprunt I decided to invite friends to an event: National Day of Prayer. Here are some of the notes and correspondences.

EVERYONE who believes in the power of prayer and who loves the United States of America, please join us on May 6 as a special day of prayer for our country. Begin your morning with a prayer of thanksgiving for all of our abundant blessing and ask our Heavenly Father to bless our country. Keep this prayer in your heart all day long. Plan a specific time when you can join with family and friends to offer up a prayer together. At the close of the day, pray again that our Father will bless our country and that we can join hands as brothers and sisters in freedom and truth. God bless America.

Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson I will be attending this event.
Teresa Radsick Absolutely!

Patty Sprunt The power of social networking being put to good use! - I will be attending and I will share this with my friends and family. May God bless our country and it's citizens.

Shaila Measles Bergquist I will be attending! May God bless America!

Tiffany Anne Ricks Thanks for inviting me. Our country certainly could use our prayers (as Individuals and in groups). Hard times are coming and the only way we will get through them is keeping a close relationship with God, as a nation, as families, groups and individuals! Amen! We need prayer :)
Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson Thanks for accepting the invitation. Our numbers may be few, but our faith is strong.
Susana Atanasova ♥ Shared ♥

Susana Atanasova ♥ Shared Widely ♥

Cynthia A Peel This is a good idea for everyday, but I'll happily focus my prayers for our country on the 6th. I hope all of us can feel a special bond as we pray together for the "land of the free and the home of the brave." :)

Mary Armstrong Ludwig I think I could probably do that...I mean- I pray...every day...??
Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson Thank you! We all should. :-)

Gigi Noa Yes!!

Mariel Gonzalez Ganowsky I will join!

Carole Eady thanks Beth Sally and I will will make sure we are praying for the day of prayer and also pray extra hard that our country will see the need for prayer

Wendy Brimhall Kremin Just like every day of the year, I will be praying!

Angela Jacobson Everyday should be prayer day :)

Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson April 15 at 8:37pm
I'd like to thank you for clicking "yes" to a National Day of Prayer. Please invite your family and friends to join in on this whether they are on Facebook or not. I know that our combined prayers will be a blessing in our personal lives, to our country, and to the world. We can all be united in a prayer of faith no matter which party we support or which religion we believe. Let's continue to preserve our right to pray.

Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson April 22 at 7:48pm
Thank you to my many friends and friends of friends who have have decided to still join in prayer on May 6 for the good of our country and the good of this world we live on. (Friends in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Perhaps from more countries as well.) It warms my heart. Happy Earth Day.

1988: A bill was introduced to Congress which fixed the annual NDP at the first Thursday in May. The Senate bill, S 1378, was introduced by Stron Thurmond (R-SC); a matching House version was initiated by Tony Hall, (D-OH). It received broad bipartisan sponsorship and support, and became Public Law 100-307. It was signed into law by President Reagan on 1988-MAY-5. He commented: "On our National Day of Prayer, then, we join together as people of many faiths to petition God to show us His mercy and His love, to heal our weariness and uphold our hope, that we might live ever mindful of His justice and thankful for His blessing."

Lincoln set aside the last Thursday of November as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I wonder when that will also be deemed unconstitutional?

Our churches were filled the first Thursday of May following September 11. Oh, how soon we have all forgotten. Thank you to all of you--those who remember!

Joe Olejnik April 23 at 12:32pm Report
Is there anything scheduled for this at The Crossing proper?

Tiffany Anne Ricks April 23 at 3:41pm Report
We do live in a crazy, heading backwards kind of Country and world sometimes. It is sad when the best of things are considered bad things. I guess it's prophecy being fulfilled when Good is bad and bad is good. We just got to keep holding on and practicing what we believe even if it is hard and opposed by others. Thanks for your efforts to help our country and world. Bye Tiffany

Tiffany Anne Ricks April 23 at 3:53pm Report
I agree with you, we do need to preserve our right to pray, if we remain permissive and do not take a stand, soon the extreme opposing side will do all they can to keep us from having that right. It happened in history several times, where people were limited in their right to pray outloud. If we let people say there right to not hear a prayer is above our right to say a prayer, there is something wrong with that. We shouldn't have to take God out of everything and obligize for believing in Him. If those who don't believe in God had respect for us and our rights, they wouldn't expect or force us to either, they'd simply be free to declare they don't believe and wouldn't expect or try to force them to. This really reminds me of the Book of Mormon and some stories in the bible!

Susana Atanasova April 23 at 6:35am
Heidi ~ It goes back to a national day of prayer AND FASTING in the 1880s. For real.

Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson April 23 at 8:44pm
That's true, Susana. But there are so few people who want to pray now; do you think that they'd be willing to fast? ;-)

Wow, Heidi ~ Want to hear something weird? When I read that (in the e-mail alert) just now, I smiled, 'cause it's Truth, then, before this page even loaded to reply to you, I got teary-eyes... Why? Because it's _so sad_:
_IF_ people would only TRY fasting _once_, they'd see for themselves how much BETTER we are, as human beings (and spiritual beings) for having done it.
When did He _ever_ tell us to do something NOT for our own good?
But, you're right ~ It's like pushing pudding uphill, or corraling cats...
Still, baby steps, Faith & perseverance ♥ ♥ ♥
I just accepted an invitation to a group on Hindus ~ I know so little about them, really ~ But, as I posted to them when I joined, "My eenemy's enemy is my friend ~ They're suffering murders, homes destroyed, etc by Muslim extremists, too...

Melissa Hayford Carroll April 24 at 9:30pm
Just wanted to thank you for putting this together. It really has opened my eyes to some of the people I have as "friends". Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and I respect that, but is it so hard to pray for the benefit of us all? It has amazed me at how many seem to be against what I see as a good thing.
Anyway, thanks again. I will be praying and fasting that day.

Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson April 25 at 8:55am
Yes, it's been a real eye opener for me as well. I think that there are just too many people who think that the separation of church and state means that we cannot unite together in anything spiritual. I have many Facebook friends that are wonderful LDS people, but, they either didn't read what the event was about, or they think that they shouldn't be summoned to prayer, or they think that it's a personal matter and that we shouldn't try to unite. Who knows? It's amazing to me that it's been close to 50% yes, 50% no all along. I want to thank you for your own faith that you will fast and pray. Even though there are just of few of us, there are many throughout our country that are praying to preserve our freedoms, and that are serving to preserve our freedoms. I know that our Heavenly Father will look at our efforts on May 6 (and every other day), and I know that we will be blessed, and our country will be blessed....or maybe we will be blessed to help our country. Thanks so much, Melissa. Have a great Sabbath.

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