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General Conference Notes: Sunday Afternoon 3 April 2011

General Conference: Sunday Afternoon 3 April 2011

181st annual general conference; fifth session.

That we might receive an additional portion of charity and love to serve those around us. (Opening prayer)

Elder Scott

16 July 1953 his anniversary with Jeanene. As he continues to live worthily, he will be able to live with his wife and children forever. His wife and two children are beyond the veil. They are a reminder to live righteously.

Two pillars: marriage and the family. Satan wants to split the family and end temple marriages.

His wife wanted him to go play with the children rather than to fix the washing machine. “Go play with the children.” Next morning, two little arms around his neck, a kiss on the cheek and the words, “Dad, I love you. You are my best friend.” Don’t waste your time in unworthy pursuits. Get on with your life. If you want to have a wonderful life, you need to have her see you as a wonderful perspective husband.

Are you faithful to your spouse mentally as well as physically? Brethren, do you lead out in family activities? You need to tell your wife often that you love her. Express gratitude for what your spouse does for you. Don’t withhold natural expressions of love. It works better if you hold her close while you tell her. Send precious notes to your spouse. She not only kept my notes to her, she protected them with plastic covers. As husband and wife do not argue in your homes. Love unselfishly. As a mother you have been given divine instinct to help you sense you child’s divine needs. Times of happiness, testing and trial. “I will always remember holding him in my arms in the middle of the night.” He didn’t know that he would pass away in a few months. They knew that they would have him again because of temple covenants. (Jeanene came to me in the chapel that my parents attend after Robby died. She said, Oh Heidi, I can’t wait to tell you about the blessings that you are going to receive.) All things are possible to the Lord, and He keeps the promises that are proclaimed by His prophets. (Elder Scott pronounced the blessing that Cathy that she would marry and have children.)

Elder Christofferson

“I would that you be perfect as I or your Heavenly Father is perfect.” God’s purpose is that we can experience ultimate joy, to be with Him eternally and become as He is.

Practice and attitude we need to adopt: willingly accept and seek correction

Repentance is a necessary condition for forgiveness. Fruit—repentance leading to righteousness. It can refine us and prepare us for greater experiences. “He that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom.” We shouldn’t resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature.

“I am the gardener here; I know what I want you to do.” “Thank you Mr. Gardener for cutting me down, for preparing me to be what you wanted me to be.” (Hugh B. Brown)

Chastening may come in many forms. Correction can come through others. “Look into people’s eyes when you speak to them.” (Jeanene Scott)

Elder Pratt

Righteous grandparents that taught their children in the home long before Family Home Evening was instituted. (John and Ida Whetten) Ida suggested that they give the money to the Bishop to cover their tithing. A wealthy business man, Mr. Horde, came from the US. John worked with him and dispersed the money to the workers. There was money left over not expected. Mr. Horde gave it to John for his boys. The bag held the exactly 100 pesos in silver, the same that he’d given to the Bishop. The Lord remembers his promises to those who pay their tithing. When we obey commandments, we are blessed.

1. Payment of tithing was not related to cash income. They felt indebted to the Lord for their blessings. We are all indebted to the Lord. Let us not be accused of robbing the Lord. Paying tithing will help us be honest to our fellow man.

2. Payment of tithing cannot be related to how much we have or have not. It should come from the firstlings and first fruits of our income. Tithing is a matter of faith. Show faith by paying tithing. Do it first. Be an example to our children.

3. If we pay our tithing with money, it does not mean that we will be blessed with money. We will not lack for the necessities of life, but He does not promise us wealth. We will have wisdom to live with 90% of our income than with 100%. The Lord’s richest blessings are spiritual: family, friends, and the gospel. Spiritual sensitivity for rearing our children. The payment of tithing is an excellent insurance against divorce. Tithe paying fosters in us a gentle and forgiving heart.

The Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour out His richest blessings as we pay our tithing.

Elder Robbins

What manner of man or woman ought ye to be? To be or not to be is a very good question. Faith inspires one to pray, and prayer inspires ones faith.

To do lists versus to be lists. A to be list cannot be a check off list. Christ-like be s are what we are trying to develop in ourselves and in our children. Consider the more challenging child a blessing that helps you to become more Godlike. Could it be possible that you need this child as much as he needs you? Our children are God’s children. Disappointing behavior should be something that is considered not permanent. Focus primary praise on children’s efforts and attributes. “Be the kind of parents to our children that our Father in Heaven is to us.”

Elder De Hoyos

Be no more strangers and foreigners.

Why does are church have such a long name? It was not chosen by man, but given by the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It makes reference to the Lord and to the members of the church. The members of the early church also called each other saints. As we live the gospel and follow the prophet, we will become sanctified; we will become saints.

Elder Grow

His 51 year old brother died in his sleep.

We assess the gift of the Atonement through repentance. If we repent, we will confess and forsake our sins. His brother had done so. Our Savior offers redemption to all. Seek relief; repent and forsake your sins; in prayer, ask God to forgive you; go to the Bishop if necessary; he is the Lord’s messenger of mercy.

Elder Holland

President Brigham Young had a dream in Nauvoo. He saw an angel pointing to the west in the SL Valley. Ensign Peak. “The mountain of the Lord’s house…” (Isaiah 2) They made a flag with a walking stick and a yellow bandana. “Zion’s standard is unfurled.” Dual meaning is intentional.

Reflect on the messages that you have heard here and on the unique phenomenon that General Conference is. “We testify that God lives, and He speaks.” Talks are not assigned. Each person prayed and fasted to know what the Lord with have him say.

President Brigham Young saw an angel standing over this place. Elder Holland sees angels standing in it. The brethren who serve in the church, he sees as angels.

Consider the variety of the messages you here. They are speaking to those who know us very well and those who know us not at all, the young and the old, married and single. Declare liberty to the captives and something else. The gospel is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. J In the matter of discipleship, the church is not a fast food outlet. We cannot always have it our way…Salvation can only come His way.

If you continue to hold family night despite the bedlam in a house of little bedlamites, you will be blessed. If you come to conference with the Spirit, you will hear a testimony just for you. In one way or another, God will have his voice heard.

President Monson is the senior apostle and the prophet of the church. His life is not easy. He was called to be an apostle at 36; his children were 12, 9, and 4. His wife and children have given their lives to his service for more than 50 years. He is irrepressibly cheerful through it all. He possesses remarkable faith and unusual stamina.

President Monson

His heart is full at the close of this conference. We’ve felt the Spirit of the Lord in rich abundance. Gratitude to those who’ve participated. Please read and study the Conference Ensign.

We look forward to working with them (newly called) in the cause of the Master. Reach out to those of other faiths, as well as to our own.

The Lord lives again! The lined lies there white and clean, and the tomb is empty.

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