Friday, December 9, 2011

Daily Quotes

Posting my feelings about cancer on Facebook won't change anything. I hope that faith, prayers, and advances in modern medicine will someday. While it is such a debilitating disease, and we all share in our desire to see its end, those who have suffered through it are often blessed in ways that we can't begin to comprehend. I don't believe that cancer patients have their hopes and dreams and wishes snuffed out by the disease. They are way stronger than that! My experience is not that they only have one selfish dream, of themselves licking the cancer, but they have many hope and dreams for the happiness and welfare of all those they love. I can't begin to imagine that I can speak for someone who has, or has had cancer, because I don't. But I know that their cancer doesn't make them stop being who they are.
So appropriate for Earth Day to be on Good Friday. Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful world we enjoy and for the gift of the Resurrection!
I did not know when I wrote these words that my sister would pass away on the same day. How fitting that she could go on Good Friday.
My sister's long battle with cancer is finally over, and she won. She endured to the end. I will miss her, but I know that because of Jesus Christ she is whole in spirit now, and she will be whole again in the flesh in the Resurrection. Happy Easter, everyone. ♥ ♥ ♥
A new sadness and a new gladness. Yesterday's gone, but a glorious future lays ahead for all of us. Kathy's funeral yesterday was beautiful. So wonderful to see family and friends. My new prayer should be my sister's, that I will endure to the end.
Kathy not only endured; she prevailed.
"Enduring is merely surviving the fear and the dangers of life. Prevailing is overcoming that fear and those dangers. To prevail is to triumph." (k-12 English lesson)
The point isn't trying to get away with doing the least that you can; the point is learning to do the best that you can.
We all have our quirks; we all have our problems. But if we all tried to be more loving and accepting and less judgmental and offish, the world would spin ever more nicely on its axis and follow its orbit with greater ease.
We need to be a little bit more discriminatory in our non-discrimination.
When the dark of night overtakes you, look to the source of all light, Jesus Christ. He will again carry you through to the light of day.
I hope that I will die gracefully when the time comes; but, even more so, I hope that I will learn to live graciously.
No one has a corner on pain or sorrow. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, someone else is mourning the same loss or another one. If you are struggling with a financial burden, so is your neighbor. If you are struggling with an illness, so are many others around you. If you want to improve your lot, start by offering relieve to another. You will be immediately lifted.
Thank you to all the folk musicians who write and sing the music that speaks to my soul.
I stepped out of the car, and my glasses steamed up.

While waiting on the Lord, we must not put our lives o hold. We shouldn't wait to make the improvements that we want to see in our lives. We can begin now by asking, "Lord, what would You have me do?" Then we need to follow through and do it. (HSS)
We talked to this Apollo team member at Johnson's Space Center today. He was visiting for the 40th anniversary, and we got to listen to him talk about working on the Apollo capsule. He is a very humble man about his part in it all, but we are thankful for the behind-the-scenes people. They are always important.
Despite local residents claims that Houston is hot and humid, we think Houston is pretty cool.
I'm not interested in chasing fabricated rainbows for non-existent pots of gold. (HSS)
While it is true that God created us initially, he did not mean for us to stay in our infant condition. Within us are the seeds of godhood. One of the greatest gifts we have is agency or the freedom to choose. Each day we can redefine and recreate ourselves by the choices that we make, by our thoughts and our actions. To say that we are the way we are because God made us that way seems to be more of a copout than saying the devil made me do it.
I think that cat's should teach self-defense. They are masters at "circle, twist, and run."
You know YOU'RE from Grammarville if you don't like seeing a possessive determiner taking the place of a you are contraction.
We must always remember that when things seem too good to be true, they are!
Don't mess with the momma bear.
Reverse discrimination: Do unto others anything bad that has ever been done to you by whomever.
(Revised from another post) This is for all the wonderful students beginning a new year of school: If you see someone who is struggling, or someone who is being bullied, or someone who is not well-accepted because he or she dresses differently or talks differently, or someone who just seems shy--PLEASE step up. Say hi and smile at them in the hallway. You never know what someone is facing in his or her life outside of school. Your kindness might make a BIG difference in someone's life! Friendship begins with a smile.
I love my family. A special thanks to my children for teaching me how to be a mom. It's taking me many years, but I'm happy with the privilege that I've been given to be yours.
Heading to bed. Thanks to Jenae Terrill for inviting Christine M. Stevenson and me to come watch their puppies being born. There were already some born before we got there, but we got to witness the live birth of a puppy! The next two were stillborn. They were just too underdeveloped. Nine puppies so far. The mother is still delivering.
Awesome evening. It's not every day that I get to see new life entering the world.
I am real. I don't live in cyberspace. I knew most of you before Facebook existed.
God is allowed with our children everywhere they go. No politically correct measures can limit God's presence. Like always, we need to invite Him into our lives. Bad things, unfortunately, do happen and always have. God allows agency. It's too bad that He has been abandoned by so many people, but, if we are true to Him, He will never abandon us.
I'd like to encourage everyone to come up with his or her own status for just one day. Copy and repost if you agree.
By the way, this is not a repost.
I will get through this present struggle. I will get through this present. Struggle. I will get through this. Present struggle. Just give me the present, would you?
Acting superior by pretending to be magnanimous does not prove you believe in equality.
True understanding must stem from having in place a deep-rooted belief system that although we are all children of God, He knows and loves us better than we do ourselves, and although He knows that obedience to His laws is what will bring us happiness, He will not personally impose discipleship. While He must certainly expect that His children also not impose obedience on each other, He most certainly does not condone the repealing of His laws.
Remember that the Good Samaritan took the injured person to an inn, not to his own home. Do what you can to help others, but remember that your family comes first.

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