Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trying to Write Carefully

The most obvious thing to me is that not one of us is perfect: not in language abilities, people skills, or judgment of anyone's abilities including our own. We also are not privy to anyone's real intents or what they truly think and feel. While there may be a need to respect someone on merits of social status, age, or education, I think that it is even more important to respect someone just because that person also has feelings and opinions, and gifts and talents that make him or her uniquely wonderful. Indeed, most of us on Facebook are unaware of the merits of those with whom we converse.

Facebook should not become a forum to prove that we are right and others are wrong. Nor should it be a place where we feel it's okay to slander another person. It is a social network. Using correct English is actually really important to me, but using language in such a way as to get across my intent without being offensive is by far more important. So if what I have written in the past was misunderstood to be an attack on character or a challenge, I apologize. Thank you to those of you who know who I am and accept me for that and are ever so kind in your correspondances with me and with others. Kindness is truly the hallmark of greatness.

While some think that Facebook is one of this world's evils, I think it is a great tool. I have reconnected with so many people and befriended a few others. I love seeing the great things that people think and do. So I am continuing to work on writing carefully. But even more importantly than that, I am working on not writing at all if I think my comments will just heat things up. I have learned that sometimes it is best to write directly on a person's wall than on his or her post. When you are the original poster, you have the power of deletion. Isn't that an awesome thing? There is also private messaging or the more ancient medium of email.

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