Saturday, January 19, 2013

wintry day

wintry day

wintry day with no clouds but wind
flying through the trees and whistling through the eaves
from my window, your voice is whispering that it is warm
outside, but from inside I can see
the boughs of the trees being tempest tossed
even the cat has run for shelter

wintry day with no voices of children at play
I can hear the echoes of your laughter
peal and repeal as layers of licking wind flap
and fowls take to flight
not a soul in sight
echoes flinging of autumn singing
and the dog scratching to come in

wintry day abundant in sound and sight
melodious dissonance of cackle and joyful
laughter combined in chaotic timing
your very song thrills and chills
seeping ever more deeply
as I safely sip cocoa in reflective

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