Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All Enlisted May Be Editing Your Letters!


All Enlisted May Be Editing Your Letters!

Obviously, I am very wary of All Enlisted and the Feminist groups that have united with them. Please be advised that they do have ulterior motives than those which are expressed in their various Facebook pages, blogs, and websites. Some of these are already clear, and some of these are becoming clearer as time goes on. Please do not just jump to each cause they propose without questioning their real intent. So many already have, thinking that they are doing great things, with no idea of where they are really headed.

Interchanges from the Night of 26 January 2013:

I wrote the following this evening (26 January 2013), and others commented. I really cannot believe the twisting of comments that takes place with the ALL Enlisted group. They twist the scriptures to fit their own purposes; and they twist the comments of anyone who disagrees with them to also fit their own purposes. I should just stay away, but sometimes I've been hopeful that maybe just even one honest person will read something that I have written, and it will help him or her. I was rather astonished though when a male supporter of All Enlisted noted that he was revising the letters that they were receiving.

Beginning with my note:

Heidi: It's interesting that the Jewish people thought that Jesus should be their political hero. But He knew that it wasn't part of His mission to do so. He just went about doing good. And He did all things to please His Father.

Response by an All Enlisted supporter, K: I love this—it absolutey supports what we are doing! I appreciate your support.

My thoughts: I guess, at this point you can see my annoyance. I think she twisted what I said in her mind to actually believe I was being supportive of their cause, which I am not. I find it extremely annoying when my words and intentions are so twisted as to defy all logic and meaning.

Response from a second All Enlisted supporter, D: Jesus also went about correcting the harmful behaviors of others, such as discrimination against Samaritans, casting judgment, and instructing leaders to be more understanding of their people’s needs.

Response from a very visible male supporter of All Enlisted, C: Jesus=social justice hero. The perfect Mormon feminist.

Heidi: Jesus spoke from a position of authority. He disdained those who twisted things.

Response from the same male supporter, C: The words you speak are magical, Heidi. They inspire me as I work on editing these letters.

My thoughts: When I realized that there are many individuals that think All Enlisted is really out there to support them in their desire to have their voices heard, even though I do not agree with this group or the causes in which they are engaging, I felt sad for those who think that this group is supporting them. There is clearly an ulterior motive present. Whether they are editing the letters before they are sending them on to the General Authorities, or whether they are editing them for publication for their own purposes, I cannot say. But when I noticed this response, I had to question it.

So I began a new thread:

Heidi: Are you editing everyone's letters? Do you have the right to do that?

D: I wonder what made you ask that? Did you read a comment or post that suggested the possibility? It would seem if you want to be sure the letter is not edited you can send a sealed letter instead of an email?

Heidi: C said he was editing the letters. I wonder why you didn't straightly answer.

There were then an entire series of comments that were deleted. C said that he can’t stand improper grammar and such. Someone claimed they weren’t being edited, using the words “no and no” in answer to my question. Another asked if I thought it were a good idea for them to be edited. The comments were all conflicting. 

C also said that he did not write that he was editing the letters, but that I was putting words into his mouth. 

So the interchange after the series of deletions continued at this point:

Heidi: Wow. First, I am not sending a letter which you know. Second, C did write in a response to me that he was editing the letters.

C: Deleted convo here because this is an important topic and the response was way too wordy. Basically, unless somebody give us permission to edit their letters, we will deliver them UNEDITED. That is all. Sorry for any confusion that may have occurred. 

D: Oh, I missed that comment you reference Heidi. I was asking a genuine question and provided what I thought was a serious solution after your earlier post that if you wrote a letter it would say.... I apologize that my comment promoted such a reaction.

Heidi: C, your exact words: "The words you speak are magical, Heidi. They inspire me as I work on editing these letters."

D: It's possible he was taking about editing his own letters. Your words to the GAs were lovely and I hope everyone remembers to include those kinds of sentiments in their letters (should they choose to write them). 

Heidi: Those were not to you, and you are not to touch them.

My thoughts: I had posted a link to a blog I that I had written, which wasn't a letter to be sent, just a blogpost showing my gratitude for our prophet and the general authorities. I said that was NOT intended for them and not to touch it; by that, I only meant that I did not want them editing it or using it in any way for their own purposes.
L: Letters will not be edited. As an admin of this group, after asking the other admins, we are all in agreement that editing letters would be inappropriate and will not happen.

Thoughts: I believe that this interchange between the administrators for the group occurred as a result of this dialogue, not before it. 

C: AHHHH!!!! I remember now. Editing MY letters. Sorry about the confusion. I'm a perfectionist, and I like to edit what I write before I call it final.

Heidi: L, if you are being honest, then look in your other box on Facebook, because I am not sending a note for $1. C did say he was editing them.

D: Heidi, you posted them here for everyone to see. I didn't "touch" them - I took inspiration from them and encouraged others to do the same.

I believe I have been nothing but respectful and polite to you, yet your responses have been far from that. Can you explain what your goal is in these discussions if you plan on being combative instead of constructive I will be happy to exit any conversation you start.

C: I was editing MYYY letters. I'm sorry for the confusion. I would not edit anybody else's letters. (As much as I have this urge to fix every grammatical and spelling error I see). It's not my place to do so. We're simply a delivery service. 

L: Heidi, it is irrelevant to me if you send in a letter. It is clear you don't agree with this group, so no one expects a letter from you. That is fine; don't write for a cause you do not support. C has explained that he was referring to the letters...

(I cannot retrieve the rest of this post, because I have been blocked, and anything that I have written has been hidden from this page. But I did copy everything I could into a Word Document before I was blocked. Also, I had already messaged a note to L, concerning the dialogue referenced in this blog, before I realized that she did not want to see one.)

Da: Heidi, I am a page admin and in that capacity I am issuing you a warning. You are being extremely combative on this page. If that continues you will be blocked from commenting here.

As an additional clarification: No letters have been or ever will be edited by group organizers. Thanks to every one who has contributed.

C: The admins are only sending letters that are mailed to the P.O. Box in the About section or sent to the e-mail address also found in the About section.

Heidi: I posted a link to a blog. It was never intended to be a letter to send. But C definitely said that he was working on editing these letters. More than one definitely. I am not being extremely combative. You may block me if you wish, but I will know what was said, and so will you.

Heidi: It's also amazing how many of your comments were deleted before I wrote "Wow."

At this point, Da deleted the last three comments, so that her final comment read as follows:

Da: Heidi, I am a page admin and in that capacity I am issuing you a warning. You are being extremely combative on this page. If that continues you will be blocked from commenting here.

As an additional clarification: No letters have been or ever will be edited by group organizers. Thanks to every one who has contributed.

This thread ends here. All other comments will be deleted.

My thoughts: But not only were the last three comments deleted (plus the “convo” that C spoke of), I was then blocked from the page and the entire interchange was deleted from anyone’s view. 

The interchange between L and me in messages:

I just sent her my first post of the evening, as seen above, that shows that C said he was editing letters. 

L’s response: 

Heidi, this is not complicated. I have spoken to C in private and he has cleared this up in public several times. We are submitting letters to six different leaders, and have suggested that people write six different letters, personalizing them to each recipiant. C, as someone heavily involved in this Project from the beginning, has been working on his letters (plural for multiple recipiants) and is editing them (or reworking parts to improve them) as he draws inspiration from the comments of others. He was talking about editing his own letters. I understand how you could be confused initially, but your insistance on clinging to your belief that we are all lying about editing letters is absurd. Letters will not be edited, and no one said they would be. The admins of the event discussed this and we are all in total agreement. Letters will not be edited, and C never said they would be. End of story.

My thoughts: For your information, I decided not to edit any of the dialogue from Facebook (other than just using first letters for the people's names). Whether or not the letters being sent in are being edited before going to the General Authorities or not, I do believe that they are being saved and will be edited for this group’s own purposes, which do NOT match what they are telling the public.


  1. A tool/trick that you may find helpful is screen capture! It's really easy..

    There's the button on your keyboard that will say something that looks like "Prt Scr" or some other variation of "Print Screen". Hit that, and then open up either paint or another picture editing program and then select "Paste" from either the navigation menu or right clicking the computer if you're using a PC; don't know if you use Mac OS or not!

    You can then crop the image accordingly and then save the file.. basically screen capturing what you see and write. You can draw black boxes over people's names and images to protect their identities too.

    Hope that nifty trick helps.. I never knew what the print screen button was until several years ago, and Jeff told me.

    1. Yes, Amber, I use the print screen often. I was actually on my telephone when they started deleting the first comments. But thanks for posting, because I don't think a lot of people know about print screen. (And I didn't know that the comments and then the entire thread would be deleted.)

      I have found that tool especially useful for taking notes in online classes.