Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lift with Love

Lift with Love

While so many are claiming to stand on the Lord's side or with his prophets, we need to remember that we were all key players on the Lord's team in heaven, every single human soul. Jealousy, mistrust, lack of understanding, forgetfulness, pride, and deceit have blinded so many of us to our true purpose.

Jesus's gospel is one of love. We cannot invite others to come unto Him if we continually display an attitude of superiority. Jesus continually reminds us that as the greatest of all, He came to be the servant to all. He also reminds us that if we exalt ourselves, we will be abased; and if we humble ourselves, we shall be exalted.

In gratitude for His sacrifice for all of us, let's impart goodwill towards one another, instead of resentment, jealousy, or disdain. When we think that we are doing way better than our neighbors, we place ourselves on slippery slope. It is as true in the real world, as it is in Greek mythology, that pride comes before the fall. The thing that is so sad to see is that many times, the actions of the proud hurt the humble as well.

So I hope that my fellow Christians and other followers of the Father of us all, will seek to lift and help each other, instead of using each other's faults as a pedestal to expose their own virtues. It doesn't work. We all stumble together when that is our initiative and purpose.

Jesus's initiative and purpose was to lift us all up until we could become exalted through Him. We cannot be true followers of Him until His love grows inside our hearts to such a degree that this is also our initiative and purpose.

I'm thankful for the Atonement and for one more day to try to follow him better. He continues to lift me with His love, and I hope that each day I can find someone to lift with my love and help him or her find the Savior's love as a result.

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