Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas is a Season of Lights

Lighting of the Arrowhead: December 2 through 15, 2016

Christmastime is a Season of Lights as well as it should be since Jesus is the Giver of Light: and He has given of His light to every human soul.

Jesus is "the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9)

At Christmastime, I feel certain that He is pleased that we share light with each other, and it’s His hope that we always will.

There are those who would like to destroy light and thwart the spread of His Good News. We've seen that in terrorist activity throughout the world. But His light cannot be dimmed nor destroyed. 

Legend of the Arrowhead

There is a natural landmark very close to where I live in San Bernardino. “This important landmark has for centuries been a symbol of the San Bernardino Valley to the Native Americans and then to the pioneers and settlers that followed…

“Many legends exist about the Arrowhead. The most ancient legend, perhaps, is one handed down from the Native Americans. The story goes that the Great Spirit had an arrow, which, like the Israelite's Pillar of Fire, was to guide them to the spot where they were to live. The Great Spirit having selected the place, fixed the arrow to mark it forever.

“It has been said that Native Americans who inhabited the San Bernardino Valley believed that the Arrowhead pointed the way to the hot springs below, with healing qualities, and thus considered it holy ground. Through the years, numerous forest fires have caused some erosion. However, the Arrowhead landmark continues to preserve its uniqueness and remains a symbol of the 'pioneer spirit' of the San Bernardino Valley.”

A year ago, an extremist couple brutally attacked citizens of San Bernardino as they were attending a company Christmas party. Unfortunately, fourteen lives were snuffed out prematurely. But their memories live on in and through their loved ones, and their souls continue on through Jesus Christ as they wait for the glorious Resurrection Day. 

This year the San Manuel Tribe in San Bernardino chose to honor these fourteen men and women by lighting the Arrowhead. How appropriate a representation of life is light! For fourteen nights in a row, we can see the arrowhead lit up in the night sky honoring these people, and honoring the Father of Lights. I hope that it will become a Christmas tradition, to honor those whose lives have been taken and to honor the Light of Christ in all of us.


I chose to post this picture because the lights look like crosses.
And to me, those crosses represent hope in the midst of chaos. 

The Arrowhead and the Moon shining above the city of San Bernardino, California.

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