Thursday, May 20, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen, Helmut Radtke

Uncle Helmut passed away two days ago. May 18, 2010. I was on facebook today, and there was a link to a site that will post his service information. Guests could write memories. This is what I wrote:

Uncle Helmut was always fun to be around. His humor and wit were amazing. He was well read and self taught in many things, and his knowledge and understanding were vast. He was courteous and sensitive to the beliefs of others. He taught his three sons to be respectful as well. Many will remember him for his remarkable sense of humor. He spiced up life with it. But he was also a deep thinker and often reflective. He was a wonderful story teller.

Aunt Heidi was truly a giving woman. She loved to cook and do crafts. She blessed the lives of everyone with her good food, and her artistic talents. She fed our souls as well with her firm faith and her dedication to her church and her family. She loved Helmut, Dennis, Norbert, and Stanley, and their families more than anything. I am certain that she is happy to have Helmut back with her again.

When I was engaged, Aunt Hedi gave me $50 to help me buy a plane ticket to go visit Bob. She told me not to tell Uncle Helmut, that he could give us another wedding present.

When young Michael went to visit Uncle Helmut a few years back, he had no concept of how large California is. Michael convinced Uncle Helmut that they should come visit us in Highland, California. So they drove one day, spent the evening with us, and drove back the next morning.

Truly remarkable people. I will be happy to meet them again.

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