Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts about life and death this week.

My Uncle Helmut died this past Tuesday; I just found out that Sharon Willis's son Brian died yesterday (Friday). He was only 20 or 21, but he has had multiple health problems for a long time. I wrote a little note to Sharon and I posted Eric Clapton singing "Tears in Heaven" to dedicate to Brian. This made me think of my own son who only lived for two and a half hours. I wrote the following lullaby to sing at his graveside. It has been a comfort to me to have this song.

Robby is our angel child
Robby is our love
Robby is our angel child
Sent from heaven above
To lift our hearts and thoughts and goals
And dreams to reach the sky
Robby is our angel child
Robby lullaby
Sweet Robby lullaby

May God's peace be with us as we deal with the death of our loved ones. May his peace be with us as we deal with the daily struggles in life so that one day we may return to live with Him and all of our loved ones who passed on before.

I look forward to the day when Jesus will dry all of our tears away. But for now, I'm thankful for my tears...They help me remember all the love. I certainly do anticipate getting to now my son Robby. I certainly do miss my dear brother Ed. I miss my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. But all these people remind me of how great life is and I'm thankful to be able to continue to share so many experiences with those friends and family who have been left behind. One day we will be taken, too. What a grand reunion that will be.

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