Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beginning Personal Progress (Again)

I began working on personal progress with my daughter on 14 February 2011. She has worked on some of these goals and achievements before, but her book has been misplaced. I was excited to learn from the Ensign that all of this can be tracked on-line now.
For family night we read from the First faith goal. We read the first two scripture selections. Yesterday morning I also read two conference talks about faith. Christine already has a habit of saying her personal prayers morning and night. So do I, but I am going to strive to make them more meaningful. President Poulsen has asked us many times to have a morning devotional. I don't have a habit of doing this currently, but I know that when I do so, I am closer to the Spirit, I am happier, and I deal with the challenges of the day better.
Christine wasn't excited that we chose to do this with her for family night. But the boys were at the singles' ward family home evening, and this gave us an opportunity to concentrate on this. For the next while, I want to help Christine get more excited about setting and keeping goals. She is already doing so many good things--especially volunteering at the library Monday and Wednesday mornings and serving as president in her Mia Maid class. She is making so many right choices, but I know that goal setting and achieving her goals will give her more confidence and increase her abilities. It will do the same for me as well.
I was impressed from the reading in Hebrews. Faith really is everything. It is more powerful that knowledge, I believe. I guess it is what even facilitates knowledge. Faith has to do with obedience and trust in the Lord. By and through faith, all things can be accomplished.
I also really liked what I read in a priesthood talk from Elder Oaks. It had to do with faith and priesthood blessings. These messages are so timely and important, especially as I deal with my feelings over the battle my sister has been having with cancer.
I am thankful for my Savior's love for me. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work on these goals together with my daughter. I hope that I can help to make this project fun and full of growth and learning for both of us. I know that she will have to take charge of her own progress, but it will be wonderful to have some study time together.

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