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Children Deserve Loving Families.

UPDATE 19 September 2014:
Thanks to a new Facebook friend who has adopted two sons through Reece's Rainbow, today I found out that Carol Ann was adopted by a family in her own country. I no longer have to wonder. I am so glad. The mission to help place these children in loving homes is still ongoing. If you can help, you should. If you cannot adopt, you can offer some financial help so that others can.The following is a link to Jenny's page and her family's story of adotion: Bringing Home Oliver and Andrew

This is a link to offer a little financial boost to a family who is currently trying to bring home two little girls, Nadia and Nancy: To donate to their adoption fund, please go here:

Originally published 19 February 2011:

Yesterday I came across information about children who are waiting to be adopted. Most of these children currently live in the Ukraine or Russia. Some of them live in China. All that I know about Carol Ann is that she speaks Russian.
Most of the children are normal cognitively, but they either are HIV positive or have a physical deformity that keeps them from being adopted. Some of these children have Down's Syndrome.
Reece's Rainbow offers a way to help families who want to adopt make it happen. While the adoptive families must meet certain qualifications, we can help them defray the costs of the adoption by making a small donation towards it.
Yesterday, I fell in love with a little girl whose picture I saw. Carol Ann. She looks so much like one of my daughters. My father is from Germany, but his ancestry goes to places which are in modern day Russia and Ukraine. This girl captured my heart. I guess that she became the embodiment of children all over the world that need homes and families. If I could, I would take her in a heartbeat. But I don't know if that is possible. Still I want to see her placed in a loving family before she is transferred to an institution.
Please remember to pray for the children of this world. They are so dear to their Heavenly Father. They are so priceless, and they are the future.
I would also ask you to consider Carol Ann as a poster child for the children of the world. Please forward this link to everyone you know. Share the information through Facebook, your blog, or email. We could all make a difference in one child's live. We can be her miracle. I have never met this little girl, but I can tell you that I love her very much. I hope that she can go to the temple and become part of a forever family. It would even be wonderful if someone who has served a Russian speaking mission or has studied Russian would find it in his or her heart to choose this child for their family. But the most important thing would be for her to have a loving family.

Please follow this link to make a contribution towards Carol Ann's adoption:

Carol Ann

Girl, Born February 10, 2007
Carol Ann is a darling little girl and an orphanage favorite. YES, she is wearing the same dress as our sweet IVY with Down syndrome. (Ivy has a committed family now, but there are many other waiting children in this same orphanage who could be adopted with Carol Ann).
Carol Ann is totally normal cognitively. She is medically and physically healthy in every way outside of her HIV. She loves to read, sing, dance, and say poems. She will greatly benefit from a loving family of her own, and access to the medical care she needs to manage her HIV.
For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit

Please follow this link to make a contribution towards Carol Ann's adoption:

For more information about adopting these children or to view more children like Carol Ann that our in need of a family go here.

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  1. I've looked back other times before today. Carol Ann's information is no where to be found. I pray that she was adopted by a loving family. I hope that my hopes and prayers for her a couple of years ago have made a difference in her life. God bless all the Carol Ann's, all the children of this world.