Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reflections on Christmas Morning

No blanket of snow to cover the land
No winds from the south to torment
No deep winter freezes or hot summer breezes
Just rain to both cleanse and begin

No baby to cry in the cradle close by
No toddler to peek through the door
No loud speech to mark the day as unfriendly
Just three quiet breakfasting kin

No stranger to stagger in at the door
No traffic to slow down the pace
No loud interruption of still celebration
Just memories of relinquished sin

And humbly we enter to sit near the tree
With song in our hearts and our voices
Wrapped presents exchanged and
Unwrapped with delight
Warm smiles imparted as each soul rejoices

Glory to the Newborn King
The babe in the manger nearby
The toddler fleeing from Egypt
Brings comfort to our fireside

The twinkling light of the new star
Fragmented through time and through space
Our tree is  aglow and we inwardly know
The joy that’s expressed in His face

The Giver of all the good gifts of this life
The Giver of all that will be
The Giver of life to those who are blessed
Pierced, suffered, and died on a tree
And suffering once and for all, he atoned
And still He caresses just me.

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