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Sunday Morning Stake Conference, 3-24-13

3-24-13 Sunday Morning Stake Conference

(These are my notes; they have not yet been revised)

President Kinser—sustainings

President Garvin

Deep appreciation; thankful for kind acts of service. Spirit bore witness of Elder Garne’s goodness and the necessity of following his counsel.

Daughter developed interest in ice skating. Impressed with symmetry of paired skaters. Wife had interest in BYU ballroom dancing. Pairs impressive. Unity expressed in step moving at times. These cannot approach husband and wife working together with in harmony with the gospel in their homes and raising their families. Synchronized swimming also impressive. The beauty and greatest of a family working together acting in harmony with the gospel. Some families find themselves under water, but they continue to work together as one.

We have the tools to work together in harmony.

1. Come unto Christ effort.
Family prayer, family scripture study, family home evening, and the blessings of church activity.

Rodgersons—recently sealed in the temple. Together than can weather adversity well, and they can come off conquerors.

Remember the times when all of us knew that home was a part of heaven, and the dews of heaven distilled upon our family.

Prayer is, as it were, the breath of life to my soul. President Garvin

Tears shed in happy unity of purpose.

Grateful for the scriptures; iron rod that has blessed my life. Reread chapter in Book of Mormon over and over again; received strength to do what previously had seemed impossible. Comforting assurance that we can achieve the oneness that is expected of us. Blessings will come as you see your children married in the temple. (Gold medals) As you join with them in blessing their children. Etc. Surely there couldn’t have been a happier people.

Sister Amy Shellhouse

God lives and we are His children. Christ lives and has made it possible for us to return to Heavenly Father. Standards. The church stands as an anchor in a world of shifting values. D&C 115:5: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard to the nations.

Rise to higher ground. Be so sure of our faith that there is no room for any doubt.

President Monson admonishes youth to build testimony which will keep them safe. Be firm in faith, so when trials come, we will know what we believe. My beliefs define who I am.

Truly felt Savior’s love and her testimony was strengthened. We never know who we can touch. If even one is touched, the trials are worth it. We can be the difference, and we can bring the change. I know that God lives, and I am His daughter. I know that Christ lives, and that He is my older brother.


Isaiah 2:2-3

Mountain of the Lord. We go to the temple to receive revelation, our own endowments, others endowments, to have our prayers answered.

D&C 87:8 Stand in Holy place and be not moved. Stand strong. Don’t let things of world pull us away. Remember that we have made covenants and that we must keep our covenants.

D&C 97:15-16 Don’t suffer uncleanness in Lord’s house. Glory will be upon it. See God.

We need to keep the commandments and do our best to live as disciples of Christ. Striving for perfection.

Howard W. Hunter—Temple loving people. Hasten to temple as time and means allow.

Place of beauty, revelation, peace, house of Lord, holy to Lord, should be holy to us.

Mosiah 2: People gather together, go up to temple. Pitched tents round about with door towards to temple. We need to center our lives around the temple. Do we center our lives around Jesus Christ and around the temple?

Sealed as family in Mesa Temple. Second experience travelling with youth from San Diego to Mesa for baptisms. (Her husband was on one of those buses, but they didn’t know it.)

Stand in holy places—for it cometh quickly saith the Lord. Timothy 4:12. Gather together and stand in holy places.

President Faust says we stand in so many unholy places; strive to stand often in holy places. Temples, place of holiness and comfort. Take our families; search for records of kindred dead. Holiness is a strength of the soul—faith and obedience.

Fear not, I am with thee, O, be not dismayed.

Draw near unto me, and I will draw near unto you.

Sister Godwin

Grateful for people in this stake and how good we are to the missionaries.

Painting of person carrying so many things. Rod of iron over his head. He can’t let go of any of his possessions to grab the iron rod.

The missionaries let go of the things of the world when they come out to serve the Lord. It is difficult for them to do that. But they have a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s why they come.

Blessings and physical evidence of miracles in missionaries lives because of their level of commitment. Their commitments are intensified with the experiences that they have. “This diligence and obedience stuff that you are always talking about is finally kicking in.”

We are all away from home for a season. We need to realize our commitment as well, and let the things of the world go behind.

Mormons believe in Christ. We believe in living prophets. Do we remember what he has said?

Little boy wanted to shake the prophets hand; Sister Kapp shook his hand so he could say that he shook hands with someone who had shaken hands with the prophet.

We have the opportunity every week to take the sacrament.

President Godwin

Touched in heart when President Garvin said this will be their last Stake Conference here.

Elder Ballard in Hisperia: lifted hand and asked everyone else to; then they shook hands together.

Alma 29: O that I were angel. Missionaries are a trumpet crying repentance and love.

Faith—the first principle of the gospel. Faith is an oasis in the heart that cannot be realized by a caravan of learning. Faith comes from experiences in which you have hope. Faith—things that are hoped for and not seen. Declare our hope, our desire for something. Go about doing something to bring it about.

Exercising faith is more than having faith. Physically manifest it. Holy Ghost can testify of truth of something you are doing. Holy Ghost will testify, not as we are thinking about it, but as we are doing.

Missionaries—be prepared to teach a lesson and go to that lesson. If they weren’t there, there would be someone else very close prepared to receive that message. The missionaries went about 200 yards to teach the very lesson to a man in an apartment building. Tears came; they brought an answer to his prayer. They left him a Book of Mormon and passalong card to They went back the next day. He had read 36 chapters. He went to for 2-3 hours. What did you learn? I learned that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, and that the prophet Joseph Smith was called to restore the gospel, and that there is a prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. I know by what you’ve taught and by what I’ve studied that these things are true and I want to be baptized. He was baptized 3 or 4 weeks later.

Matt 14—Savior teaching on desert hills. 5 loaves and two fishes. God and feed the multitude. 5,000 men + women and children. They fed everybody. 12 baskets of fragments left. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; He said go and do, and they did.

As we exercise our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He will make all things possible.

He will prepare us to return to Heavenly Father.

Patriarch Stehmeyer

A wonderful feeling to be standing before you. Opportunity to serve in this stake for 53 years. He’s seen Patriarchs whom he has thought very highly of. He never thought it would happen to him. He knows, like Nephi, that he’d never be called to any calling to which the Lord would show and help you with the calling.

He has a testimony. He asks for our prayers. That through the Holy Ghost those who receive a blessing will know that it come through Heavenly Father.

Coming up on 60 years of marriage. “The Lord will guide you. You will do whatever the Lord will ask of you.” “And I’ll try. I’ll humbly ask for His help in fulfilling this calling.”


Sister Garnes

No ‘greater gift that you can give to your parents than to be a faithful son or daughter of God. Align yourself with the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that you may give that sweet gift to your parents.

Heavenly Father is aware of our burdens; He knows our journey, and He knows what we need.

We are led in this church by a prophet of God. Elder Garnes watches the 7 presidents of the Seventy and does what they do. Prophet entered jovially. As that they came in, they stood; when they sat, they sat. Prophet peered around and winked at her. Great sensitivity that prophet has is real.

We have the true gospel of Jesus Christ led by prophets, seers, and revelators that are in tune with Heavenly Father’s plan. Obedience—first law of heaven. If we follow, we will be blessed.

She didn’t hear her husband’s command to move; the boat lost balance, and they all went under.

They prayed. A boat came out of nowhere. Two young men; they saw the children and came. One of the men helped right the catamaran.

Grateful for healing power in her life. Miracle to be healed of cancer. She prayed that the Lord will glance her way. She told the doctor that she knows that there is a God in heaven, and she knows that there is a Savior, and that they answer our prayers. We need to bear witness of them, no matter what the answers will be.

Be faithful, follow the prophet, we will be blessed and our families will return.

Elder Garnes

Godwins real dedication and consecration to the Savior. He was still Stake President as he became a Mission President.

Faulty—the more righteous we are, the fewer trials we’ll have.

The Lord will not take trials from us. Although, we will feel the Lord’s blessings for our righteousness.

He thought one little piece of sheet metal was insignificant to his car, but once there was a little strain, he realized differently.

If we are neglecting the little things, when trials come, we will not be prepared. We will overheat; something is going to happen and not work out. It is by the small and simple things that great things are brought to pass and that we have the strength to deal with the challenges in life.

The Lord has a line; it does not move. Hopefully, our line is moving closer to the Lord as we live His commandments.

The little things that we do in life, and try to justify that it’s okay; not the way it works; the Lord has a standard, and it isn’t okay to leave the little things out.

How does prayer fit it?

Youth curriculum—assuring that they have experiences that will develop faith and deeper conversion. They are being asked to take a step in life—not only knowing what is right, but being what is right. Youth are being asked to step it up and be prepared earlier. What does that mean to the rest of us?

D&C 88 I will raise up elders and send them unto you. I will hasten my work in its time. President Monson is fulfilling prophesy. We have a responsibility to be a part of this. We have a responsibility to make this happen, make sure that they are prepared.

We are not just seeking transfer of knowledge. We need to provide experiences that will change lives; that they will know in their hearts that the Savior lives and their testimonies strengthened. Change our ways and increase our capacity.

Obedience. The key to success here and throughout eternities. Hallmark of all great prophets, and source of their strength. The prophets understand the plight that we are in.

Mosiah 3:19: The natural man is an enemy to God. Become a saint. Willing to submit to all things as a child submits to His father. He understood how we feel today.

Paul –For the good that I would, I do not. But the evil which I would not, that I end up doing.

We can do it. The Lord will bless us with that strength.

Luke—those things that are impossible with man, are possible with God.

We need the Lord to be able to do the things that we should do.

Prayer of Faith

Please help me that I will be able to do more than I can do on my own. Our Heavenly Father is waiting in the wings to help us do those things that we cannot do on our own.

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