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Saturday Afternoon General Conference, 4-6-13

4-6-13 Saturday Afternoon General Conference

Unrevised notes

Elder Richard G. Scott

There is always more to do and more to accomplish. Yet deep inside of us, we all need a place of peace where we can regroup, reset. Make the Lord Jesus Christ the centerpiece of our homes. Center your home and your life on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of true peace in this life. When He is the center of your home, there is peace and serenity.

Prophetic counsel for daily service, pray, scripture study. Weekly FHE. Peace and refuge from the world. Be obedient to prophetic teachings of Jesus Christ. Apply sound gospel principles. Simple consistent good habits lead to full and bountiful blessings.

Satan’s fate is decided; he knows he has lost. But he wants to take as many as he can. Stay on the Lord’s side, and you will win every time.

Just having the standard works in your pocket will not protect you. Mark important verses on your device and refer back to them often.

One of the greatest blessings we can offer the world is to have Christ-centered homes. Welcome into your home others who need to be strengthened by your experience and by having such an experience.

Trust in the Lord and His timing that a positive rescue effort on behalf of your children and loved-ones will occur. Some things must be left to the Lord. They are not abandoned, but are in the watch care of a loving Savior.

Recognize others virtues, not their stains.

Learn, grow, and become like Him one consistent step at a time. (Elder Scott)

In the midst of turmoil, we can find abundant peace and happiness. Jesus Christ is the source of that peace.

Elder Quintin L. Cook

Doctrine of Peace; obtaining lasting peace.

Many events that rob people of peace.

Manhattan members went to the Stake Center after the attacks on the Twin Towers. The stakes of Zion and a refuge of defense.

Difference between universal or world peace and personal peace.

Agency is essential for our eternal progression.

The Spirit of Christ will not always strive with men. Peace will be taken from the earth.

We must never give up on achieving this goal. Mankind must receive God’s truth and His message.

It is as individuals and families that we achieve personal peace that is promised. Peace is desirable, and a gift of God.

“Savior’s peace will ease our suffering, bind up our broken hearts….infuse souls with calm and happiness.” (President Grant)

Peace comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are. Atonement would compensate for all the unfairness of life.

“Where can I turn for Peace?” “And bears a song away. Sacred ordinances and covenants bind families together. They bring peace. Temples are a source of peaceful refuge from the world.

The Savior is the source of true peace. Righteous living will be rewarded with peace.

Elder Stanley G. Ellis

If you don’t plant, you don’t harvest.

You milk the cow when she needs to be milked, not when you want to.

Stick to the basics. Nothing is more basic to us than the truths of the first article of faith.

The Holy Ghost is our comforter, revelator, teacher, and guide.

We are not orphans; we are not alone. We don’t have to be losed, confused, deceived, or ineffective.

Be not wise in thine own lives; and lean not to yoru own understanding. Also, D&C 82:10.

Look not on his countenance or the height of his stature. Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

Promote self-reliance. We should not give or provide that which people can do for themselves.

There is an authorized way and time to express love.

What happens inside the home is far more important than what happens outside. Where are we needed?

We are not spiritual orphans.

Elder John B. Dickson

Atonement and resurrection.

Take the gospel to all nations. (Matt)

Revelation on Priesthood, 34 years ago.

Where do your priorities lie? The Lord wants to bless us.

“As a natural result of their faith, the Lord is lifting them in meaningful ways. “

Elder David A Bednar

There are lessons we must learn and experiences that we must have according to the flesh.

The man and the woman are meant to bless and complete each other.

The power of procreation is spiritually significant. Misuse of this power….How we use this power will mold our destiny here and in eternity.

Outside of marriage, all uses of procreation are wrong.

Intimate relations are proper only between a man and a woman in a relationship prescribed in God’s Plan…We are defined by our nature as children of God.

Men and women of God deny themselves and take upon themselves His cross.

Will I succumb to the natural man, or will I put off the natural man and become like God? That is the test.

The devil who has no body entices us to use our bodies improperly so that we will be miserable like him. Defying the body is an act of rebellion, and denying our identity as sons and daughters of God.

Our innate longing to belong is fulfilled in righteousness as we walk in hope.

Elder Russell M. Nelson

Catch the wave of the missionary spirit. Contribute to general missionary fund. Catch the Wave.

Shape the destinies of those born and unborn.

If you catch the wave with energy and enthusiasm, others will also.

Assist the missionaries in missionary efforts.

The Book of Mormon is at the center of the restoration.

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