Sunday, April 21, 2013

No Trust for Current Media or Government

I do not trust the leaders of the United States; neither do I trust the media. We are being bamboozled with false information and led to accept lies. In today's world, we cannot trust what we hear or even what we see. Only God, who is a Revealer of truth, can be trusted. Armed with the Spirit of truth, we can trust our Heavenly Father to lead us aright; and we can trust His prophet.

I do not trust the leaders of the United States; nor do I trust the media. The propaganda of the current United States is thicker and blacker and more dangerous and deceptive than at any previous time in the USSR or Nazi Germany.

When truth comes to light, we will know what has happened and what is currently happening in our country and in the world. But for now, I will plant my feet solidly in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wait for Him whose right it is to reign. At that time, we will be able to feel secure in knowing that our best interests are being met. Jesus is our King, our Savior and our Redeemer, and we need Him now. The only way to secure heaven’s blessings is to serve Him.

God bless the families and individuals in this country and in the world who are seeking to live righteous and meaningful lives. As we return and turn unto Him, we will find that He will turn and return unto us. But we need to know that His ways are not our ways, and His law is love and light everlasting. We cannot change His laws, nor can we seek heavens approval in disobedience and rebellion. As a people and as a country, we need to look to God and live. Truly the unrighteousness of our government is causing the people to error, and error big time. We need not try to give counsel to our God, but we need to accept counsel at His hand at all times. Also, we need to remember that we have been blessed with a living prophet. God gives us His prophets to call His children to repentance, and not the other way around.

If anyone thinks that we can prosper as a people without God at our head, they are either extreme hypocrites or extremely deceived. Either way, perpetuating this lie has successfully caused much of America’s downfall and current weakness. At no time, did the Founding Fathers say that we should live without God in the world, only that there should not be a state-imposed religion. And currently, it appears that we do have a state-imposed religion—call it what you will—atheism, secularism, morbid sophistication, complacency, or self-worship. Calling upon the people to abandon God to follow state-imposed mandates is the worst kind of religion, especially when people follow blindly offering up their freedoms as a sacrifice to the self-appointed gods.

I do not know what will happen in the near future. I do know that those who follow the teachings of Jesus will feel heaven’s blessings in their lives, and those who scoff and slander, will be made to mourn. Life is much too precious to discount the purpose of life—to live by obedience so that we can experience joy. When life is stripped too early from some, when life is robbed before breath is taken, when life is bartered as a way to promote power, then there has to be some recompense. Only in turning to the Lord and His atonement, can any of us obtain salvation. But we are told that those who mock and scorn, and treat human life in such undignified ways, are crucifying the Lord anew. And they will have a price to pay.

While I do not trust the leaders of the United States, and while I do not trust the media, I do trust my Heavenly Father, and I trust Israel’s God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I do trust that He loves us even now; and His hand is stretched out still. He has given us the truth restored in these latter days. We have a prophet on the earth. If we follow what He says, we will not be led astray. God bless our prophet; God bless the families and individuals of this earth to seek truth with pure and honest hearts; and, ultimately, may God again bless the United States of America.

Where does our country go from here?

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