Friday, November 2, 2012

America Should Be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

When I was in 9th grade, our Geography class had a unit on totalitarianism. We had to live by the rules of the class in order to get our grade. These rules extended beyond the classroom to anywhere we might see fellow classmates. This was not a fun game. It became real and it became dangerous. Friends were turning each other in for small infractions. I saw fellow classmates deny their belief in God, in front of the entire class, to their party leaders out of fear. Maybe it's because my parents came from WWII Europe; maybe it's because I've always been too unbending on some things which I consider non-negotiable; anyhow, I asked the #1 person if I could talk to #2, which was the teacher. Mr. Sweet talked to me in the hallway, and I was released from the assignment to do an alternative assignment. I can tell you that from that day on I have valued the freedoms that the America I grew up in had to offer.

I do not want those freedoms traded for any other form of government. This country has become increasingly socialist during my lifetime. I don't like the scared feeling that produces; it's too similar to the feeling I had in 9th grade. I want the America for which our fore-fathers fought  and for which my parents became citizens.

I get increasingly tired of those in government positions and those who are their devoted cronies thinking that people like me are paranoid or out of touch. It is not wrong to question. In fact, it is healthy. It is not wrong to know where your leaders come from and how they arrived at where they are. If we, the people, are going to vote someone into office, it should only happen because we know that they have a shared history and that their track record is good. I, for one, do not want a no where man.

Also, I am tired of those with values, those with talents, and those who have worked hard being trashed. When did it become so undesirable to be good or to do good? Get a grip. It is annoying to me how many people have slighted me and others because we've questioned President Obama's origins and his intentions. He told the American people that he'd be president to all of us. But he didn't keep that promise either. If he had, he would have put our concerns to rest a long time ago. In fact, we would have known his history, because he wouldn't have made himself a closed book, and then it wouldn't have been an issue. But his continued secrecy, and his continued ill-concern, show that it is indeed something we should all be concerned about, and something that we have a right to know about.

As a president and commander-in-chief of this country, President Obama has not shown due benevolence for those who are fighting for our freedoms. The tragedy of Benghazi is heart-wrenching. The lies and cover-ups have been inexcusable. Using a videotape from a solitary deranged person as fuel to infuriate a growing mob in a country that already hates us is purely evil. Minimizing the importance of those who have and are giving their lives for our protection shows lack of leadership, lack of love for this country and its people, and lack of humanity. I don't want to hear that it was only four lives. I want to know that our servicemen and women are valued and that they are not stationed in places without proper reinforcements as a sacrificial token to angry American haters. We do not need to offer penance for being Americans.

In four days from now, we will know who our president will be for the next four years. I believe that Mitt Romney is a man of character, a man of talent, a man of leadership, and he is an American. He loves this land and he loves this people, and he cares about the preservation of the American values that have been entrusted to our former presidents. I also believe that no matter who President Obama is and no matter where he came from, he has no ability whatsoever to preserve the hope of Americans or the American Dream. I do not believe that he has a vision for this country that aligns itself with true Americans. In Mitt Romney, I see a man of vision. I see a man that can help the citizens regain hope, dignity, and pride in America and in beings Americans. I see a man who will work hard and tirelessly to get our nation back on track and to help the people's faith be restored in a system that is going to work. There is no freedom without the citizens of the country being able to work, wanting to work, and being rewarded for work. With the old American work ethic restored, hope will be restored, the recession will be reversed, and we will be able to progress both financially and morally.

May God bless people like Mitt Romney who are willing to serve in such hateful and dangerous times. May Mitt Romney be allowed to lead this country, and may we all work to restore the hope of America to and for ourselves, our children, and the world. God bless America. God help us to be brave.

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