Saturday, November 3, 2012

Notes on a Documentary: "Agenda: Grinding Down America"

The material in this blog does not come from me. I watched a documentary that was completely fabulous, and I wanted to share it with you. Please watch it for yourself:

Agenda: Grinding Down America    Agenda: Grinding America Down

We need to become a country of faith and prayer once again, and then we need to bravely stand on our feet and push forward those principles of freedom which have made America great. We need to reestablish our direction and regain our freedoms so that we can fulfill our grand destiny and so that we can help prepare the world for the Lord's Second Coming. We need to be informed about the enemies that we have from within and, most especially, be aware of complacency. It is up to us to vote for leaders who will protect both our rights and our values. We need to rebuild the American Dream that was a gift from God and our fore-fathers and pass this great heritage on to our children and our grand-children, and so forth. We need to make the inner vessel clean, so that we can withstand the problems that face us from all directions. Please pray for our country, and remember that we really cannot pray for the Lords' blessings upon the United States of America if we continue to change her face so that it is beyond recognition to God and to everyone else. I am glad to have had a chance to watch this documentary. Please watch it for yourselves. (HSS)

The following are notes and screenshots for the documentary (and I do NOT claim them as my own presentation):    Agenda: Grinding America Down

It used to be that the Republican Party was just slightly right of center and the Democratic Party was slightly left of center. But with all the radical media, Hollywood, and the multitude of Marxist professors in the universities, both parties have shifted far to the left, and we have embraced the ideas of a socialist society. 

Reverend Jim Wallis is the spiritual advisor to President Obama.

William Ayers is a long-time friend and neighbor of President Obama.

It came out in 2009, that the book Dreams from My Father was written by Ayers.

The Frankfurt School was set up to brainwash children. John Dewey helped them establish a school here. They wanted to reach society with their agenda through school and through the media. Since the thirties, there have been those who have wanted to corrupt western culture so much that it would stink.

A main attack was on the fathers as the patriarchs of the home, with the intent to destroy the family, and have the government step in as a nanny state.

The Frankfurt School had the goal to implement a social Marxism to destroy religion, create chaos, and,ultimately, to move from cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism which is socialism.

Antonio Gramsci wanted to take down our Judeo-Christian society. This has been a main leftist goal ever since. He wanted to undermine the morals and the character of this country. He encouraged this through the media, the schools, the poetry, the novels, everything of value to our culture. The goal was to change the thinking of the rising generations. He wanted to take away the churches’ abilities to pass on culture and have government set the framework for everything.

Saul Alinski was a mentor of Barack Obama. He wanted the “haves” and “have nots” fighting with each other. His purpose was to produce agitators.

The tactics used in our country by the leftists to pit poor against wealthy, black against white, and the young against the old, are the same tactics that Hitler used in Germany. Most people do not want chaos so they will give over to authoritarianism. 

In Alisnki’s book—the dedication.

He has had an incredible amount of influence on President Obama and on American society.

The Cloward Piven Strategy—overload the system to destroy capitalism. Get everyone on welfare.

Overload system. Increase burden on middle class. Take society into socialism.

The Communist Party U.S.A.

William Z. Foster. He wanted to bring about a U.S.S.A.

Betty Friedan—the science of victimology. The Feminine Mystique. She was not just a suppressed housewife. 

She was a radical supporter of the communist party and a strong supporter of Stalin.

She was just doing her part to dismantle our families.

The Homosexual Movement.       

(Pictured: Dr. Noebel)

“The war is still against the family.”

Healthy and strong nuclear families are the greatest threat to the left carrying out their agenda. 

Antonio Gramsci realized that you couldn’t persuade a Judeo-Christian society to become socialists. The way to take society down was to change the institutions that would be persuasive to take the United States down from within.

Much of their agenda was to try to make us an immoral people. Then it would be easier to lead society where they wanted it to go. “Our enemies could see our morality was our greatest strength.”

A booming economy won’t take care of all problems we face. There are so many current social ills. 

Father of communism. Tries to dethrone God by deifying man, but devaluing certain human beings. He thought man existed for the state.

As families fall apart and the church loses influence, capitalism is destroyed. Society starts to crumble, and government expands to pick up the pieces.

To believe in freedom, you have to believe that every person is special. The founding fathers got their ideas of what is important from the Bible.

They have taken the religion that is part of our culture out of the schools, because Judeo-Christianity threatens their agenda. It is a rebellion against God and God’s laws.

“No example in history of big government that didn’t abuse its power over the people.”

The leftists are at war with God.

Tools to Make America

Media goes beyond biases. They decide what they think should be reported as news. Journalists have been trained to interpret the news, not to report the facts. This is advocacy journalism. This is carried over not just in news media, but in Hollywood, etc. Stalin said, “If I could control Hollywood, I could rule the world.”

Founder of the Soviet Union.

John Dewey believed that education should socialize the child to make him a willing tool of the state. He wanted to dumb-down the children so that he could have the children. Teachers were trained into this, unions, etc. We are losing most of our children to the leftists because of their teaching agenda of anit-America, anti-family, anti-God.

Government schools are not teaching logic or data of history or reasoning skills. If your education is limited, then you believe that government can be the solution to your problems. The children are being trained with a collective mindset and a dependent mindset.

The schools are controlled by the teachers’ unions. The push the feminist agenda, including abortion on demand; the gay rights agenda; whole globalism agenda; and they are extremely anti-parent. (I’ve personally witnessed that many times.) Their efforts are to get them to abandon the values of the parents.

“There is a battle going on in this country for the hearts and minds of our children.”

Social Justice that is taught in our schools is Socialism.

We need to get back to teaching our children that America, despite its faults, is the greatest country on earth. Until we do, we’ll continue on this downward spiral.

The socialists want nothing to do with the Pledge of Allegiance, because it is nationalistic. They’d rather have this recited: 

Gramsci wanted to have citizens that needed the government to take care of them.


Al Gore’s Global Martial Plan could only be implemented through socialism. The green movement’s goal is to destroy capitalism. Environmentalism, or everythingism, is used to promote socialism.

Obama has been mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. Obama is using all the tools that Gramsci wanted to use for social change and is the epitome of the movement.

Obama has been involved with all the wrong people, and they were part of his campaigning. The radical left have effectively put one of their own in the White House. 

The Left are using American tax dollars against us.

If it hadn’t been for Jesus Christ, there would have been no United States of America.
We have no time left to be casual about taking back the United States. This may be our last chance to push back.

The most profound thing that we can do to change America for the better is praying.
Be familiar with how are values are being attacked. Recognize social agendas.
Be familiar with the constitution and values of freedom. Stand up for those values. Speak up and make your views known.

Expand within your family and your church and with those with whom you have contact. Bring them up to speed and a knowledge of what is going on. We can make a difference.
“The organized minority will beat the unorganized majority every time.” (Lenin)
Use Youtube and Facebook and blogging. You can drive a message through society. Graciously and consistently make contact.

Teach our children and grandchildren the difference between truth and error. Teach them about Jesus Christ. Parents take responsibility for children’s education. Home school your children. They out test everybody. “Our minds should be the sharpest minds in the world.” Sacrifice whatever it takes to turn our country back to Him.”

We need to pay the price. “We will pay a price for what is right.” An American value. “Never ever lose sight of the power of one individual American.” (Richardson)

“Hope is not found in rhetoric; hope is found in God…. Our founders were in covenant with that God.”
We need to clean the inner vessel so that we can face all the problems within and without America.

If America goes down, the free world goes down. 


  1. I loved it. Best documentary ever.

  2. Love that you began a blog after watching! I have been so excited about this video, sharing wherever I can. It's unfortunate that so many don't seen to react much. God will bring us to our knees in His great faithfulness if we don't turn soon.

    1. The presentation was incredible. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. You did a great job with this post. I love the movie as well.