Saturday, January 2, 2016

Temple Blessings

Today I participated in a joyful occasion. A young man received his endowments in the temple of our God in preparation for serving a mission in Brazil. I know that this young man and his family felt grateful to be surrounded by family and friends. So did we. It was a blessing to be there.

Last Sunday Zach, the young man, gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. It wasn’t time for his farewell yet, but he is so well-prepared, and the talk was so uplifting, that we all felt like we were already being addressed by a missionary.

Afterwards his brother Hans Cody spoke. He had just returned from his mission, and it was his homecoming address. It was wonderful to witness the growth in this man. He also delivered a powerful, uplifting message, and we were all edified for being there.

I made a comment to their father today. I remarked how joyous Christmas must have been with them all there together again. He said that this day was actually much better. How joyous it is to have our families make covenants and progress together. They are looking forward to the time when their daughter can also join them in the temple.

I am also thankful for the times when Bob and I have been in the temple with our children, for endowments and for weddings and sealings. These are the glimpses of eternity that fill us with unspeakable joy.

I am certain that Zach is happy to be following the example of his brother Cody. Cody will be able to write him letters of encouragement and share insights with him. Missions not only are for serving those people whom we are so fortunate to meet; missions are also for strengthening our families and friends at home. We all are blessed by the sacrifices and service rendered, both by the missionary and by those who are offering support.

And the temple also brings us blessings so that we can serve well in our callings as family members, ward members, and missionaries.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day. Angels are rejoicing, and so are we. 

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