Sunday, May 1, 2016

He Lives

Today was Fast and Testimony meeting in our Church. Although I didn’t stand today to bear my testimony, I want to share with you what was in my heart…what is in my heart today.

Did Jesus really live again?

Yes! When the third day came, He wakened and He left the tomb….

Did Jesus really live again?

Oh yes! And so shall I.

(Song: Did Jesus Really Live Again)

The essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that he lived an exemplary life, taught us the Gospel in word and deed, established His Church, atoned for our sins, died for all of us on the cross on Good Friday, and rose again Sunday morning. 

(Read: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ)

The essence of the message of Jesus Christ is one of Love. God is love, and He sent His Son. We can indeed feel the Savior’s love in all the world around us. It’s everywhere. We can hear and feel and see and know, because all things testify of Him. But if we look to the logic of the world, we will miss it. The Spirit will bear witness to our spirits that Jesus is the Christ if we look to him in every thought; if we try a little harder to doubt not, but be believing; if we trust in the radiating warmth of the Spirit as He witnesses to us that we are God’s children and that He loves us. As we search for God and for His Son, through reading the scriptures and through keeping the commandments, we will find Them. We will know that the Spirit is sent to us to comfort, teach, and guide us. And we will trust that Jesus will come again as He promised He will.

Some people think that they have grown beyond the need of a Savior; but none of us has. Though we are all children of God, and though He loves us, we still rely on Him for everything we have. All of us may be considered good people in the respect that I so often hear people say of others, “He is a good person;” because we do some pretty wonderful things and because we are children of God; and God is good. But without Him, we are nothing.

My testimony is that we need religion. Why? Because Jesus is the One who established His Church under His Father’s direction, and I trust that He did so because we need it. While there are many people living decent lives and living by their own light, we must remember that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and without Him there is not any light at all.

My testimony is that no matter how good we are and how well we do there is absolutely no substitute available to certify our salvation other than the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemptive sacrifice for us. There is no substitute anywhere to be found that will offer us the security that comes from living the principles and ordinances of the gospel. And there will be no substitute for the Keeper of the Gate to Heaven, who is the Holy One of Israel, Jesus, our Messiah.

I love the Lord Jesus; I know He loves me; and I need Him.

Other scriptures and songs that were referenced:

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