Sunday, May 29, 2016



Photograph by Rosaura Ortiz

What has made this Country great in the past?

It was the people. We the People.

What kind of people made this Country great?

Americans. Americans were a people who looked to God for direction and protection. We were a people who looked to serve one another and to be a beacon on the hill, a light shining forth in the darkness of the world.

We were a people who loved God, Country, family, and each other. 

One thing is for certain. Since we have been forgetful of the God of this Land, who is Jesus Christ, we have succumbed to the darkness of the world around us. No matter how enlightened we all think we may be, without the Light of Christ in our lives, there is not light; without Him, all is darkness.

While we remember those who serve; those who are still Americans, who love God, Country, and fellow citizen: man, woman, and child; let us not forget the God who has instilled within our hearts the ability and the power to feel such love and the desire to preserve it.

While we remember those who leave home and family to protect our homes and families, let us not forget the importance of family. Let us not forget the importance of strengthening home and family ties and supporting the fundamental building blocks of society and of eternity. Let us remember to build up and support our own family fortresses against the evils of this world and offer protection to our little children. And while our servicemen and servicewomen are far away from home insuring our safety, let us offer protection and service to their families.

We have been forgetful for too long. It is time. It is time for us to remember. It has always been up to us, We the People.

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