Saturday, May 7, 2016


Thoughts on Motherhood

All I ever really wanted most to be was a mother. With any other interest, talent, or desire that I’ve had, motherhood was the greatest desire of my heart. I’m so glad that God granted me this blessing, with six children of my own and other children whom I’ve taught and who have taught and blessed me. It is a privilege and an honor.

Here I am with my firstborn. Now she is ready to deliver her firstborn very soon. How grandchildren bless our lives! George will be our fifth grandchild and second grandson. 

This weekend marks the first Mother’s Day with my own mother departed from this earth. I am so thankful for her love and example to me, and I am thankful for my grandmothers and their love and support throughout my life. I am also thankful for my dear mother-in-law and her accepting me as her own with great love and cheerfulness. And I’m thankful for my husband’s grandmothers as well. How I miss every single one of these mothers.

I had the greatest privilege of serving my mother in her last days here on earth. I enjoyed her mothering then as always, and in the moments when the roles reversed a little, I was thankful to serve the woman who had always so selflessly done everything for me and who continues to be a blessing to me every moment of my life.

I am also thankful for my sisters and the part that they have played in loving and mothering me. I miss them too. Fortunately, I can still call and visit two of them. The other one I visit in memory, love, and tears.

I am also blessed with three beautiful talented daughters. They are all contributing to the blessings of motherhood according to the time frames of their own lives and their individual talents in significant ways. I also have two beautiful daughters-in-law who are wonderful mothers. It pleases me and warms my heart to see the rising generation full of love and service for children and their fellow men. My sons are also a great blessing to their own children, family, and friends; and they value and support their wives in their roles as mothers by being wonderful fathers too.

I must say how thankful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has everything to do with families; and I am thankful for the role that motherhood plays in unfolding God’s Plan of Salvation for His children. How blessed we are for Mother Eve and the part she played in establishing the human family, and for Father Adam, with his exactness and honor in accepting the Plan and supporting Eve in her role of motherhood. I am most thankful of all for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving us the gift of life, and that eternally through His offering of His soul and body to save ours. Because of Him, families are forever, and motherhood is eternal.

This was of utmost significance when our son Robby returned to heaven shortly after birth. But the significance is no less diminished with each and every individual who holds a place in our hearts. God established families and gave us the privilege of participating in His glory through experiencing motherhood and fatherhood. And if these are the things which we value most, He will bless us with the privilege of the continuation of family lives forever.

Motherhood isn’t easy. There are so many challenges. But it has to be the most rewarding calling there has ever been. Inside this bosom of mine, motherhood is most precious and prized, and my children’s happiness is my greatest desire. I love being a mother.

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