Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Straining at a Gnat and Not Swallowing a Camel

The Power of Writing Things Down

I'm so thankful for the ability to write things down to express emotion. I just read over some very old unsent letters, and I decided to skip reading most of them. I’m glad that writing can help us work through things, gain perspective, and develop patience. While we all sense a desire to express ourselves, I'm so glad that I've left many things unsaid.

 Straining at a Gnat and Not Swallowing a Camel

Strained Communication

Often misunderstandings come from an inability to communicate our hurts appropriately. While there may be ample reason for us to feel the way we do, we cannot necessarily see into the other persons’ minds or hearts to know their intents or perspective. When there isn’t enough trust established to proceed with communication, sometimes we just need to pray for each other and hope for the best. 

Prayer is the Important Key

Prayer. Isn’t that the key to good communication? Here, with our Heavenly Father, we can always develop a relationship where we know we can be understood, we will be validated, and reproof will always be given with ample love. When we feel the Savior’s love, we will be able to love ourselves more, no matter what others may think, do, or say; and, we will be able to extend His love to others more freely, until we can develop that love in ourselves. 

We Need to Repent Ourselves

Prayer will also help us so our own part in the dissonance and what we are lacking ourselves. We will see our own need to change and find mercy, which should in turn help us to feel more merciful. We can seek inspiration on how to proceed: how to serve, how to wait, or how to let go. 

Serving and Forgiving

When there are opportunities to build more trust through service and shared experiences, we should seek to take advantage in developing more stable relationships. If we fall and skin our knees, we should try again. But even when things are rocky, we shouldn’t be throwing rocks.

For the times when I have spoken hastily or sought for vindication, I’m thankful for the ability to repent and repair. Sometimes feelings are raw for a long time, and even when people may want us to eat our words, or when they regurgitate them, we really cannot take them back. But we can choose to give second, third, and seventy-seventh chances, trying to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

How has writing been therapeutic to you in putting things to rest? 

How have your benefited from repairing strained relationships?

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