Monday, October 24, 2016

McMullin's Shady Run

What do we know about Evan McMullin?

McMullin is a 40-year-old unmarried man. We know very little about him other than he was reared as a Latter-day Saint and that his run for the presidency is only to stop Trump from being President. We know that his backers are also just "Never Trump"ers.

McMullin says he is pro-life; but he would rather put Hillary into office than Trump, even though Trump will choose Pro-life Supreme Court Justices and seeks to repeal Roe vs. Wade; and Hillary believes that we've "come too far" to go back, and that it is a woman's and her family's decision to murder full-term babies before they are born if they want to.

McMullin says that as a member of the Church he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but he respects the decision of the Court and the Amendment to the Constitution, and that he feels it's time to move on. Since his own mother is a lesbian married to another woman, this could certainly influence his decision to leave that alone.

Many people are voting McMullin because they think he is a conservative, LDS candidate and because they do not like Trump's brashness or the allegations against him. But we have seen the mounting evidence of real criminal behavior in Hillary and the media's lack of balance in reporting. 

Some are voting McMullin because they want to make a statement to the Republican Party. But there are no longer clear lines in seeing whose allegiance is where, so the only statement that will be made in a vote for McMullin is that the voter prefers Clinton to Trump, but does not want to cast a vote for Clinton. In this way the voter abdicates the responsibility for his vote to the"Never Trump" society, which thinks that they are too elite to allow the people's choice from the primaries to become President. 

McMullin says he thinks that Trump is a great threat to our Country. I think the greater threat is the uninformed citizen, who casts his votes against his own beliefs.

Very soon we will know who the new President will be. I know it won't be McMullin, and I certainly hope that it will not be Hillary Clinton.

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