Thursday, October 27, 2016

Opinion Piece in Response to Voting this Election--Don't Read if You Hate Those Who Don't Think the Same as You Do

I wrote this as a response to a comment in a thread on someone else's wall. But I have been thinking through so many things. Some people have thanked me for the things I've shared. Other have been overly angry with me and even blasted me. So please, if you disagree, hide the post and move on. So far, we should still respect freedom of speech and press, and also freedom to censure our own walls and self-control in using civility to our family and friends.
Friend's Caption: Remember Utah, every vote you cast for Evan McMullin is a vote for Hillary Clinton

Mutual Friend's Reply: Trump is the worst most incompetent narcissistic candidate the Republicans have put up EVER. If he loses, which he will with or without Utah, at least the good people there can say I told you so. If he wins, with or without Utah, he and the rest of the evil Republicans will take it out on the Never Trumpers and there will be hell to pay. Vote for whomever you want but as for me and my house...

My Reply: That attitude I disagree with. I am not choosing to not serve the Lord because I voted Trump. I'm voting in favor of the Constitution and freedom, and I'm voting against the evil that is rampant in Washington.

The question of evil Republicans may very well be in usurpation, not in a citizen's vote.

When I had time later in the evening, I gave a longer reply, which is the essence of this post:

This is an election that has tried the hearts of men. I'm not going to say who's right in voting for Trump or for McMullin. But I am going to have my say from my angle.

I was upset when the tape came out, and I thought who am I going to vote for now? But I was able to keep it in perspective too, instead of letting the media tell me it was rape culture, or the women who popped out of the woodwork tell me that Trump accosted them in public.

I agree it was locker room talk, and it's not even appropriate for middle or high schoolers. It was braggadocio and lustful, but it wasn't rape culture. From what he said, the woman denied him.

With that said, do I like it? No. Nor do I like some allegations against him. But neither do I like the real criminal activity of Hillary: the email scandals that put and may still be putting our country at risk; and the deaths in Benghazi; plus, the allegations of people being picked off if they have any info against the Clintons.

So much for the manure we all need to sift through.

But I actually believe in Trump's patriotism, and when he looks at the camera and talks to America, I feel he is telling the truth (even if I'm proven wrong some day); I sure do know that Hillary is not.

I originally liked Ben Carson, and I'm glad Ben and Mike Pence are sticking with Trump. They are really good men. And you know what? Trump is a really good judge of character, because he picks good men to get the needed jobs done. Wouldn't that be a great plus in a President, as far as Supreme Court Justices and cabinet members? Wouldn't it be wonderful to see more Pro-lifers and be on the road to repealing Roe vs. Wade? I've never heard a politician since the 70's when that passed say any such thing. I love Trump for that! There is no excuse for 58 1/2 million or so abortions that have taken place in our Country since Roe vs. Wade, and I for one am glad to be voting policies and principles towards that end, and towards protecting our Constitution along with The Bill of Rights.

Then on to McMullin. I did not appreciate him entering the race at all. I thought it unethical. I think the right thing to do is to back up the Republican nominee. You know what it speaks to me? Not only does Hillary think I'm deplorable, so does Romney, McMullin, and the rest of the Never Trumpers. We have Republicans sitting in high places who would rather put Hillary into office, even though the FBI and all of America know how guilty she is. Sounds like usurpation and secret combinations to me.

Bob and I both thought of when King Mosiah helped his people set up judges, and then some turned into kingmen and didn't want to allow the people the responsibilities that go along with freemen. Yeah, it's pretty clear that the Never Trumpers aren't going to allow their own countrymen and their own party to support their nomination, because they are so much better than we are. Or are they? Or does Trump actually see the corruption that is there and want to make a difference?

Okay, so now that all sounds harsh. I listened to McMullin back in August, and like I said, we thought his timing and reasons for entering the election were unethical. I did listen to one of his ads the other day and it was impressively done, and I saw some of the people who are backing him and their excitement in doing so. They believe they are doing what is right, and I can't fault them for that.

But I've listened to him since, and my opinion is the same. He is telling people to send a message to Washington that they don't want a candidate like Trump. So who is the message going to? It is going to the very people that they are supporting through voting for McMullin. In other words, their message is one of endorsement for the current administration and the state of affairs in Washington. If you want to make a statement that you are fed up with how things are, it seems that you'd swallow your Never Trump pride and vote for the candidate who wants to clean things up and make Washington accountable to the people again. Now I don't need to fault anyone for a choice that differs than mine for whatever reason. The backlash of a Hillary presidency will fault us all with severe repercussions.

I just think it's a shame that the false quote about the lesser of two evils is still voting evil. That's ridiculous. I didn't vote for a sexist any more than people who are voting for Hillary are doing so because she's a murderer, or people that are voting McMullin are doing so because he's a spoiler. Everyone brings his or her own schemata to the voting board, sifts and reasons (hopefully), draws conclusions, prays and seeks inspiration (hopefully), and makes a decision.

But the arrogance of those who believe the lesser of two evils lie either can't count above two, or they think that anyone who thinks differently than they do must not be inspired of God.

Ridiculous. Voting is about agency and responsible choices. We aren't going to be eternally condemned if we are following our conscience, listening to the Spirit, and doing the best we can. There is no true candidate, as there is a true Book of Mormon or a true Restoration. We are all fallible people and also gifted people, but a candidate is not an eternal truth we are praying about. We may bring swift judgment upon ourselves though, if we choose a candidate that does not care about upholding the Constitution, wants to impose liberal agendas through Pro-choice Supreme Court Justices and other venues, and is entangled with people and governments that seek to harm us and destroy our Country.

In other words, there will not be consequences to our votes. I do not want Hillary in office, and I heard from McMullin's own mouth that he'd rather have that happen than have Trump. Trump has a vision and has outlined what he'd like to do in office and it's exciting and I respect him for it. McMullin doesn't have a vision of what to do, because he isn't running for president, he's just running to keep Trump out.

So I am voting for someone who actually wants to be president; wants to clean up Washington; wants to serve the people; and he loves America.

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