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Happy Birthday, Ed

1 February 2013

This post was originally written in 2010; that was three years ago. Ed was born on 1 February 1964; He would now be 49 this year. It is hard to believe that he has been gone from us for nearly nine years. He passed away on 23 May 2004.

I'm glad that we still have contact with his wife, their son, and his brothers. We spent time with them this past August. I know that Ed is looking down smiling on those three young boys (and on their older brother, too). Like I said at his funeral, there were two things that Ed really felt sure about: the first one was the gospel and His love for the Savior; the second, he was sure he wanted to be with Melinda. It was wonderful to see and feel how much love Ed had for his wife and son when we were all at my parents for their wedding. That was a perfect day.

1 February 2010

Today my brother would have turned 46, but his life was cut short nearly 6 years ago. He died in a drowning accident leaving behind a wife and a son. Today his son is 6 1/2. I spent time with him, his mother and her sister, and his twin brothers this summer. It is delightful to still see Ed in his son's eyes.

Ed left behind many friends. I really don't know many people like Ed; he was a friend to everyone. So many people told me at his funeral, "Ed was my best friend."

I feel kind of guilty that I didn't know him much in our adult lives. I lived out of state and I was married. But I have always loved Ed. Ed was two years younger than me, and as children, we did so much together. I especially remember playing in Horman's basement. We all had a good time playing blind man's bluff in the long hallway. Briggs would somehow climb the wall and be on the ceiling above of us all.

Ed had a beautiful voice. Clear as crystal. He loved to sing. As a child, our Oma would give him money to sing to her. I didn't think that was so fair, but I'm glad she did. As an adult he would sing all the time. Melinda said that he would just break out in song in the middle of the store if he heard a song he liked. He loved to sing Karaoke. He had the most winning smile and the kindest eyes.

He loved to be with people. With Ed, the more the merrier. He never wanted to leave anyone out. He loved to color and do puzzles. He loved to watch Hawaii-Five-O and Bananza. He loved to go to movies, and to bowl, and to play tennis. he was great at tennis and basketball. He loved to laugh. To Ed, life was about fun and about being with family and friends.

I would love if any of you that knew Ed would share a memory with me, or your thoughts and impressions of Ed. Sometimes, I try to recall the good memories and all I can do is cry because I miss him. I know that he must be in a happy place, but I'm sad for his son to grow up without a father and for his wife to be without her husband. To my cousin, Nancy Ann, thank you for your thought of sending him a helium balloon today. I would really appreciate it if you do.

Let's all remember our loved ones: those with us and those far away, those already gone home to heaven and those yet to be on earth. If we remember them with love, they are alive in our hearts. If we live with love and kindess for all our brothers and sisters, we will become like God and all be together again.

Ed, thanks for being my brother. I miss you. Happy Birthday.

Notes copied from Facebook:

Heather: I could not leave a reply. I said that I loved Ed and you playing in my current home. I loved him working at Smith's and was always helpful and smiling. I was so sad when he left! Life is too short for Ed and Shelley (my sister). Celebrate a good life.
Me: Thanks, Heather, I copied your reply onto the blog. :-)
Penny: Happy birthday to your brother.
Heidi (another one): Happy birthday Ed! I'm so sorry his life was so short. I loved seiing him at Ardell Brown RV. I'm sending my love to you and all of Ed's loved ones.
Brenda: Thinking off you all today on Ed's birthday. Sorry I never got to meet him.
Me: We'll all have a big party together one day when Jesus returns. :-)
Korby: Amen Heidi! Shelley and Eddie were 2 great people that I had the chance to grow up with. I miss them both. They are great examples to me and cannot wait to see them again!
Michelle: I have so many memories of ed. Especially singing! He spent a lot of christmas time with us and one year I got a kareoke machine we sang shaniah twain for hours. I loved all the spiritual gifts he gave our family. But most of all us kids loved how he gave us boxes of cereal every year.
Sheila: Michelle is right. There are many memories of Ed. He loved to sing and it was fun doing karaoke with him. The kids loved Ed and when he was working at Smith's he would buy them a favorite box of cereal for Christmas. He also gave us Saturday's Warrior when the kids were small and they watched it over and over. Mark used to joke that Michelle would know all the songs by heart before she knew her ABC's. Great memories.
Sheila: Happy Birthday Ed. We love you.
Laurie: happy birthday to one of my best childhood friends. I was so sad to hear that he had passed us a place in heaven:D love you laurie jean.
(Uncle Des liked the link. :-)
Dee:Thanks for this remembrance of Ed.

Posts from Saturday, January 30:
Me: Happy Birthday, Brother Eddie. My brother's birthday is this Monday, February 1. He would have turned 46 this year, but he passed away almost six years ago. We all love and miss him. I'm thankful he is my brother forever.
Korby: Eddie was a great guy! I miss him as well!
Michelle: I miss him so much! Sad to think about him being gone....
Wendy: Every time I hear the song "I'm already there" that was played at his funeral I think of him!
Me: Yeah, I do, too. There are so many fun and wonderful memories.
Michelle: I cry every time I hear that.
Lisa: I saw a guy the other day that looked like Eddie. I thought about him a lot after seeing this man. He was too young. I miss him.
Me: I've seen some men that look like Ed, too. He was really handsome. Thank you all for your comments. :-)
Heather: I loved his smile and laugh.
Nancy: I will send a helium balloon to heaven on Monday.
John: whoa, it's been six years? Ed was a great guy...

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