Thursday, February 25, 2010

We All Come from the Same Parentage

A friend on Facebook posted this as her status: A girl in my class says "I cant help but be prejudiced against someone who doesn't believe like I do." This attitude is exactly whats wrong with this world!

I responded, Are you prejudiced against her for her prejudice?

My friend: lol... I actually thought about this later... And I would say no. I wouldn't decide to never associate with her because of her comment. I was shocked though, and I definitely don't agree. Disagreeing is much different than being prejudice.

My response: Too true. Plus, you can never get rid or prejudice through ignorance or ignoring. I have found that people are even opinionated over non-important things; sometimes it's hard to resolve differences on anything of significance when one or more parties are so caught up thinking that their way is the only way or the best way. You even hear people say things like, "I'll never use Facebook." That's fine; it's their choice. But it doesn't mean that they are better than those of us that do, or that they are right and we are wrong. It would be good if people really looked a little deeper at core values. They would find that they share similarities with people from all different walks of life. Cultures may be different; languages may not be understood; customs may seem confusing; but, if we really look at deep rooted values, I am convinced that we would be able to recognize each other as brothers and sisters a whole lot more easily.


  1. A friend of Amanda's posted: Read "The Anatomy of Peace." Seriously.

  2. Robert Jamison: I enjoyed this post. I was writing something like this, I had trouble getting to the simple point that we were meant to be different. We were also meant to be compassionate to each others beliefs.