Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sheila's Birthday

It's my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday. I can't believe that you are 53. I guess that will be me in another 5 years.

Thanks for all the wonderful things you've done for me all these years. Thanks for being the oldest girl and the second mom. I appreciate it. Thanks for inviting me to go with you on outings when you were in high school and I was so much younger. Thanks for buying a ticket for me to see Saturday's Warrior with you. That was so cool of you to do. Did you buy the tickets for A Day, a Night, and a Day as well?

Thanks for letting me learn to play ball with you and Kathy. We were all pretty good at it. I'm glad that Glenna was our coach. She was totally awesome.

Thanks for the gifts that you have given to me and to my family. You've been a wonderful aunt to my children. I appreciate that. You had great words of wisdom for me when Cathy was born. You have always been so helpful and loving. All the extra things you've done--from giving the kid's McDonald's certificate, to movie tickets, to paying them for raking leaves--have not gone unnoticed. We all have appreciated your thoughtfulness.

Thanks for watching out for Mom and Dad. I know that you love them so much and I'm glad that you are there to be in their corner. We had a wonderful time staying in your home a few years ago when Mom was ill and not up to having company. Thanks for having us. Mark is a great cook and you are both wonderful hosts. And you showed me how to make marzipan.

I remember that when we were young, you had such a special relationship with Eddie. I'm glad that you can have all those memories. You were there when he broke his arm. You were there when I broke my collar bone. Thanks for that.

Well, I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you are my sister. I love you so much. Have a great year.



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  1. Sheila Sommerfeld VanOrden: That was really nice Heidi. I don't remember a lot of those things but I do remember the kids raking. Have a good day
    Becky Horman Ririe: I just read your blog about Sheila, it brought back many wonderful chilhood memories. She indeed is a special lady, we admired her as a neighbor too. Happy Birthday Sheila!