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10-6-12 Saturday Morning Session of General Conference

10-6-12 Saturday Morning Session of General Conference

President Monson:

I am so glad that YM can go on missions at 18. YW may go at age 19. This is fantastic. Bob and I need to plan to serve as soon as we are financially able.

I think that it will truly broaden and strengthen the missionary service of the church. I also think that it will help young people focus on what is truly important, and they will do better in their schooling, their vocations, and, most importantly, as couples and parents.

Elder Cook:

1st 19-year-old called to his mission was Jeffrey R. Holland. In the early 60s, the men’s age changed from 20 to 19. Earlier it was 21.

“The spiritual immune system of an entire nation has been wounded.” Immersion in the scriptures is essential for spiritual nourishment. Everything that limits commitment is of consequence. Violence in the family is often what limits our commitment. The foundation of kindness and stability begins in our homes. The need for kindness has never been greater.

Word of wisdom can have detrimental effects, but pornography and immorality can even do more harm. Parents, teach your children to live moral lives and to walk uprightly before the Lord. Your children need to know that you have faith in the Savior, love your Heavenly Father, and sustain the leaders of the church. Through repentance you can acquire all the blessings of heaven. Some people think that their immorality will be excused if they are kind, loving people. Such thinking is a moral deception. As our youth follow President Monson’s counsel to serve missions….

It is never too late to make the Savior’s guidance as the center of our lives.

Sister Dibb:

I see a difference in you, and I wish that every YW could have your courage and confidence. How did this YW from Colorado gain such confidence? I'm a Mormon: I know it; I live it; I love it. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. Knowledge is the power of God unto salvation. Pay attention to increasing your gospel knowledge, so you know how to apply gospel principles to your life. Be doers of the word and not hears only. Exercise faith, be obedient, love others, and follow the Savior’s example. Stand as His example everywhere.

Someone recognized the truth of the church, because it taught modesty and standards. “Not my will, but Thine be done.” When we do this, our joyful, loving feelings can be restored.

Elder Christensen

When they took their children to a temple open house, they helped to prepare them before the visit, and prayed diligently that they would have a spiritual experience. His 6-year-old felt the Spirit so strongly. What was most impressive to Ben, was not what he saw, but what he felt.

The Holy Ghost is the agent through which personal revelation is received. He is the Comforter. He can lift our spirits, give us hope, and help us understand the peaceable things of the kingdom. He is a teacher and a revelator. He enlightens our minds and quickens our understandings. He can cause a mighty change in our hearts. When we heed a prompting, the Holy Ghost will lift and sustain us, and others prayers can be answered through us. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t know you were here; what matters is that Heavenly Father knew you were here, and that you prayed for a blessing, and I was led to come to you as well. “I had a feeling…” the spirit of revelation. By the power of the Holy Ghost, we may know the truth of all things.

We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

Elder Bowen:

Moroni 8—Little children need no baptism. Little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world. A mother who lost her infant son recognized the truth of this scripture and knew by the power of the Holy Ghost that her son was well. She and her other children were baptized. They lost their little son, Tyson. (Third son, sixth child) The baby swallowed chalk at 8-months-old. Their son did not make it. He had a celestial glow around his little body. He was so pure and so radiant. Dean L Larsen, “I don’t think the Lord would want you to punish yourself for the death of your little boy.” Self-pity is very debilitating. Through very personal and sacred experiences, the Lord gave me a new heart. I could look forward with hope, rather than backward with despair. We can continue with good cheer. Wouldn’t it be tragic if we didn’t feel sorrow when we lose a child? How grateful we are that Heavenly Father allows us to love deeply. Because he lives, they and we shall live also, and we will have a fullness of joy.

I knew that I would feel sadness in February when our son Robby would have turned 19; I didn't know that I'd have that experience today instead. Even though our son can't put in his missionary papers here on earth right now, he has been on a mission in the Spirit World for over 18 years. We have continued to live happy and spiritually rich lives, but I look forward to the fullness of joy that Elder Bowen spoke to us about.

I realized the excitement Robby would have felt if he were sitting here watching conference with us. I could picture his joy and all of us sharing in that. Even though he is not here, I truly am excited about this news and the spiritual impact it will have on the overall missionary service in the church. It will truly broaden and strengthen our missionary force. And it will help so many more young people be prepared to be better members: better students, better workers, better couples, and better parents. This church growth will be phenomenal.

Elder Nelson

More of our youth may enjoy the blessings of a mission. Every worthy, able YM should prepare to serve a mission. For YW a mission is a welcome option, but not a responsibility. Many retired couples are also needed.

The spiritual nature of serving a mission will shape the destiny of the individual, his or her spouse, and their posterity for generations to come.

Mormon is a nickname, taken from the Book of Mormon. The church’s name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church has been restored in this day, and it is lead under the Lord’s direction. Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This same mission has been renewed by the Lord in our day. Missionary go out blessed with the Lord's power to take the gospel everywhere. They share the good news of the gospel to all who will heed their message. They teach of Jesus Christ and His atonement. They teach of the restoration of the church through the prophet Joseph Smith.

Elder Uchtdorf:

We are all mortal and have but a few days on the earth. We are all mortal. I hope this does not come as a surprise to any of us. We remember the joys, but we also remember the regrets. The principles of the gospel can direct our lives for good, if only we apply them. Most common regret—they wished that they had spent more time with the people they loved. We need to develop a deep connection with the people that mean the most to them. We are not headed in the right direction by sharing meaningless reposts on the internet. We need to give our best personal self to those who mean the most to us. Cultivate treasured memories. We must do, and we must become what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. We need to be faithful to sacred covenants. Dedicate more time to family prayer, scripture time, and wholesome family activity. Follow the Savior and become the person we were designed to become. Heavenly Father will reveal to us things we never knew about ourselves; He will illuminate the road before us. We matter. We determine our happiness. External circumstances do not. It’s not a race; it’s a journey; enjoy the moment. Don’t focus so much on the finish line that you fail to enjoy the journey. We should pray to be close to our Heavenly Father, not to just reach Amen. This is the day that the Lord hath made; rejoice and be glad in it. We should not just be happy in retrospect. Look less with your eyes and more with your heart. Give thanks in all things.

Resolve to spend more time with those we love; become person Lord wants us to be; be happy regardless of your circumstances. Follow the Savior today. The Atonement is there for us to repent, and the Savior can wipe away our regrets. He can make us clean. We can move forward with clean hands and a pure heart. Our spirit will continue to live after we die, and we will be resurrected. The sting of death will be swallowed up in Christ. Begin to walk the eternal path today. We cannot afford to give up one single day. 

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