Friday, October 26, 2012

The President's Attitudes Reflect His Values

The following is a comment that I made after reading a blog and comments to that blog found at the following link:

Good last point there, Aimee. Those who do not want to cut the apron strings are those who do want their every need taken care of for them. Even so, I don't think most of Americans, Republican or Democrat are looking for a father figure. But they are looking for someone who promotes what they value most. Those things just don't always align within parties, never mind across party lines.

Lisen, I am not personally looking for someone who pounds his chest either. To me it is important to have a clear-headed leader that can make insightful, informed decisions, but who can also act decisively and promptly when it is necessary. The President's number one concern, especially as Commander-in-Chief, should be the welfare and safety of his own citizens and military and not the feelings of his want-to-be allies. There is always time for diplomacy, but sometimes action is necessary.

I do not think that our current president has proven that he has the ability to act in what I view as the best interests of our Country. My reasons for thinking this are most likely concurrent with Aimee's, what I read in his attitude. I feel a complete lack of concern for the American people exhibited in the president's demeanor. His body language, his smirks, and his condescending attitude during the debates spoke volumes to me and other Americans, both Republican and Democrat. While a few people interpreted this as a strength, I think that most people saw it as a weakness. I didn't see Romney pounding his chest, but I did witness Romney showing extreme control and agility. Good qualities.

Lisen, I am also lost as to why you paint the picture of a father figure as an ugly, undesirable thing. Could you enlighten your readers as to why you have chosen to do this? It seems to me that you can be both a feminist and value the presence of a father figure in society. I think when we demean either of the genders, we are demeaning humanity as a whole, since one cannot exist without the other. (Or are you saying that the president should not have the qualities of a good father? Because those qualities would spill over into any occupation that a good father had.)

I do believe that Governor Romney will be able to work in a bipartisan way for the best good of all Americans. I think he is a unifier, and I think that our Country needs to be unified. We have enough divisions without re-electing a divider. I believer Romney's words in his closing address, "We need strong leadership. I’d like to be that leader, with your support. I’ll work with you. I’ll lead you in an open and honest way."

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