Friday, October 26, 2012

Attack on Republican Values

Following is a response that I posted after reading the article found at this link:

I read the article, and all I have to say is how dare you use one person's "theory" as a lump sum answer to how every Republican in America thinks? We come from a host of different backgrounds, ideologies, and experiences. The theory sounds anti-Republican as well. Most of us may actually support the traditional family unit, but that is not to say that there is an all-powerful patriarch whose word is always final law in every home. Yet isn't it grand when there is actually a father in the home who is not afraid to govern on principles of righteousness because he lives them himself and understands their value.

And so if your adopted theory says that Republicans believe in a higher law, such as following the Patriarch or Father of us all, I for one am glad to say, "Yes, I am that kind of a Republican." So my core beliefs that are found in the Christian-Judeo teachings certainly do influence why I think abortion is so wrong and why I think that capital punishment might actually be the least cruel sentencing in some situations. There are still a few of us in this world that believe accountability must follow choice, and it ultimately will.

As for your analogy of a father figure: I would rather choose a man who had the influence of a loving father in his life to be our president than a man without a father who is constantly trying to cover his identity crisis in  silly humor that misses the mark. We do need a president that takes the concerns of this country to heart and has a valid plan for addressing them. Attacking the intelligence of the candidate, or of the Republican community as a whole, does  in no way make the Democrat president or party appear superior; except, perhaps, to the few Democrats who feel security in lumping themselves into one definition. In writing this, I do not mean to make an attack or judgment, but to prove a point.

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