Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Take on the Vice-Presidential Debate

I was extremely disappointed in the “performance” of Vice-President Biden. I have heard too many people say that it was part of his game plan. How can anyone have respect for a leader who is openly laughing at the beginning of a debate addressing the murder of American citizens in our embassies? If laughing to discredit his opponent was part of a game plan, he should have known when it was necessary to abandon that tactic. But it seemed to be the only card he had.
I do not find the loss of American lives a humorous matter. In contrast, I did not think Congressman Ryan acted immaturely in any way at all. He was composed, respectful, and well-spoken. It must have been terribly unsettling to remain so while being taunted by smirks, laughter, and constant interruptions. But he addressed each question with clarity and confidence.
Truly there is not time in a debate to lay out strategy for public review. The opponents were supposed to only have two minute responses.
I was not acquainted with Congressman Ryan before the debate. But I am glad that Governor Romney picked such a qualified, moral man as his running mate. As a citizen who believes that the hope of our Country lies in the moral conduct of its citizens, I am pleased to know that there are still those who put principle above votes, even when the stakes are high. The closing remarks spoke volumes. Both candidates said that they are lifelong practicing Catholics, but Congressman Ryan actually stands firmly behind his religion with conviction.
Leadership, in my opinion, is all about standing on your principles despite what the polls say. Yes, I have to admit, that’s why I liked the cowboy, too. After all, I know that cowboys truly are American.

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