Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school. Back to work. It feels good. I arose early this morning eager to accomplish those things that I set out to do. It's a new year, and I want this feeling to last. It was a productive day, filled with teaching and learning; a little serving and cleaning fit in there as well. Plus, my half hour with Wii Fit, and then dinner as a family and family home evening. We had a lesson yesterday in Relief Society to be very specific with what we plan to do. So last night I once again reverted to writing a list to plan my day. Some people would call that spiritually creating your physical day ahead of time. Here I am on the second evening of this new year (not counting the holiday weekend), and I am going to commit to plan for tomorrow. Ask me how I am doing in two weeks or a month. Hopefully, I will be becoming more organized.

The best thing is that I will be getting back on track in my English class, and, ultimately, in working towards my Bachelor's degree. I've been putting that off for ever so long now, and I'm glad that I've picked it back up. I read a chapter from my text book and reviewed a lesson that I'd read earlier. Now I need to work on the assignment, turn it in, and keep going.

So with this new year, I am trying to be more diligent in my commitments to the Lord, to my family, and to myself. I'm beginning each day with a devotional time, and that is a blessing. If we all invite the Lord into our lives this year, He will definitely come into our lives and make our efforts turn out great. I know it. My main goal this year is to be more fully converted. I know the Lord loves all of us, but I want to live like I believe that all the time. That is what truly be the best thing. What's your main goal?

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