Friday, January 22, 2010

Respecting others and being True to Yourself

I posted a reply to a friend's facebook status this morning. She is driven by her concern for her country. Here is her status:

Sometimes I like to be a naysayer but then I lose facebook friends. Maybe I should just keep my feelings to myself about Twilight, the government, giant headgear bows for babies, photography, typography, personal blogs...

Here is my reply:

Leah, you could no sooner quiet your opinions than roll over and play dead. I enjoy reading what you have to write. I'm sorry that some have dropped you as a friend. I have found that politics and sports are just as strong as religion for many people. There is so much emotion involved that sometimes it blocks people from being open to see any other view. With that being said, I have also found that many forget the first two great commandments in connection with the identity they find in holding true to "their political party" or "their sports' team."

We read in the scriptures that a Zion people "see eye to eye." I really don't think that that means that everyone will be republican or democratic, or like the Lakers or the Celtics. But I do think that it means that they are willing to work together and to uphold principles that are true and just. I also think that it means that, in spite of diversity, they can still be united in a common purpose. It also means that people can communicate for understanding, even if they do not agree. Unfortunately, there is too much division in this the "United States," and many define themselves solely on dividing issues. I love you, Leah. I know that you are true to God and your faith and want the best for your fellow man. Stay true to yourself. :-)


  1. most people are too closed-minded in a religious environment too. There not always only one right answer. Life is not an exact science.

    1. We can definitely all learn from one another. Many truths are conveyed to individual hearts. Whether or not we agree, respect is necessary.