Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Reflections

How blessed I am to see this bright new year! 2010. I was born in 1961, and I am living now in the 21st Century. Hope, bright hope looms ever before us. How can there be darkness for very long when there is always hope...each new child enters the world with the Light of Christ shining in his or her eyes, and because of that it is Christmas every day. Christ's Light is born anew continually lighting our way and giving us hope. And so we can cling to this Light, this Love, this Hope.

How blessed my family has been. I've been married to Robert since 1982. Great choice. He continues to surprise me with this intellect, his love, his capacity to work and excel, and his plain goodness. He is a decent soul. Everyone should find a decent soul to marry. I'm glad that I did. We've traveled through schooling years together, through working years, through parenting years; and now we are returning to the schooling years. But this time, we're getting paid for it. Bob recently sold his dental practice and is now teaching at Western U in Southern California full time. Since 1982, my hopes and dreams have included Bob..."to infinity and beyond."

Our greatest gifts are truly our children, God's children on loan to us. They are doing great things with their lives. They are making good choices. They are decent souls. What more could a parent hope for? Two of them have served LDS missions and graduated from BYU; two of them have interrupted their college studies and are currenly serving missions; one of them was only here in mortality for a brief hello, and he is serving incognito; and our last is studying with K12 High School. Our one daughter told us that we have a Humanities' home. This was a great compliment to us. All the family nights, scriptures read, and hymns sung have paid off; all the books and music, the trips to museums, mountains, and zoos have paid off; they have complemented our children's education and given them a zest for life and learning. And so there is a brightness of hope that they will also teach their children "in the language of their fathers," and have a Humanities home. Hopefully, we will all graduate with the Humanities Degree of Mortality with an emphasis in Charity.

We've had this two weeks' break to be together and re-energize. Monday we'll be back to work and back to school. Our oldest will be back to SLC and we will miss her. But this is the greatest age of communication! With cell phones, we can use our free minutes and talk to each other. We even get to receive email from our two on missions every week, and we got to speak to both of them on Christmas day. Sitting around the breakfast table with those at home and those far away for a couple of hours brought us joy on Christmas day. The growth and happiness of our missionaries brings us great satisfaction and happiness. These children on loan to us, we can gladly loan back to our Father so that they can serve His other children. Sometimes there are partings "in such sweet sorry," both the joyful returns make it all so worth it. And Father wants us all to return.

So "Keep Christmas with You all through the Year."

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