Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oak on the Hill

Stately stands the oak upon the hill
Around the bend:
She's been there to greet me each day
As I walk to school to learn
And run home to play;
She's seen me dressed for Church
And dressed for fishing;
Surely she knows all my secrets,
She's been watching me so long,
But I know she won't tell;
She holds herself so high and proud
Against the sky;
Sometimes when the wind blows
She lets go of just a secret or two
And they are carried far away
To her sister friend.
No ears can hear them yet
But the windsong sings them by
I'm glad
When I see the great oak tree
To see her stand so tall and straight
As if she knows nothing at all;
I'm glad too
When I hear the windsong
Whisper that I am part of
Her story,
Always sitting on that hillside
Around the bend.

(Poem written 24 February 2005)

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    Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson: Thank you, Marla. :--)