Monday, January 25, 2010

Thankful for My Marriage

I just had to take a minute before getting ready for bed to say I'm thankful. Yes, I am. I have a pretty great life. I married a man that's honest and true and works hard. And best of all, he love me, and I love him. We aren't perfect by any means. But we kiss each other good-bye every morning. We greet each other with a kiss in the evening. We pray together and we talk to each other. When we are away from each other, we miss each other. I thought that all of this was fairly normal. But in today's world, we actually seem to be the exception. Thanks, Bob, I'm glad that we are on the good side of the statistics. I was going to say, thanks for breaking the rules with me, but I think we are doing okay because we are keeping the rules.

It makes me sad, and a bit crazy, to see all the sadness that couples cause each other. Stop, stop keeping score. Decide to be happy, and try to find happiness in pleasing your spouse. It works. Go out of your way to do something nice, something kind, something little that will bring a big smile. Why not? Don't you want to be happy? It's fun to do kind things for that person that you fell in love with and wanted to be with forever. Why did you stop doing the fun, happy things? Didn't you notice that when you stopped thinking about and giving to your spouse, you stopped caring like you should? Forget about it if you don't have enough money. You can't hug your money, or sleep with it, or kiss it hello or good-bye. Good grief. If you got rid of your spouse, you still wouldn't have any more money. In fact, you'd probably have a lot less.

I need to stop worrying about other people's problems so much. But afterall, you are my family and friends, too. I can't fix anything for you. But the Lord can heal the wounds you've caused each other if you let Him; He can teach you how to help each other, too. He can even give you a portion of His Spirit every day if you just ask Him and tell Him that you need His help. With that Spirt, you can be taught and learn how to do better. You can live in a more excellent that you and your spouse are creating together...a happy home.

I hope that you will stop being selfish. Love your spouse. The Lord said to cleave to him or her and none else. Don't you realize that because of the covenants you've made, you and your spouse are one and the same. If you hurt your spouse, you are hurting yourself even more. Plus, you are hurting your children, and your parents, and your siblings. The people that love you all want you to be happy; they want to see you succeed. So I've vented to my Blog. I do hope that these thoughts can actually help someone. Now I'm going to get off this computer and go spend the closing minutes of my day with my husband. I am so blessed. I love him, and he loves me.

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  1. Bretta Weatherholtz: This was wonderful Heidi. I am among those who are blest.
    Heidi Sommerfeld Stevenson: Thanks. Please post a comment on the blog site, too. It will make me look good. lol